Game Day Round 21 V Adelaide. #ToughAsTex

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Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 13, 2011
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West Coast
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I think he just braced over the ball for the contact, then when it didn't come, picked it up and played on. So it depends on whether you call bracing for contact first, and not leaving yourself open by going straight for the ball, baulking, or not being dumb.


Premiership Player
Apr 5, 2015
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West Coast
This week should be an interesting contest between us and Brisbane: The Battle of the Floggings!

Which side will sh*tcan their demoralised, broken opponents harder.


Official Oranges Man
Aug 6, 2017
South Of Dreamsville
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West Coast
Could be a good game at home to rack up the %%%%%...
The Roadkill reckon they're in with a chance?
However Shep was saying on radio, that the excitement was noticeably building within the team,
with only a few games left to finals.
We might see that excitement manifest itself on Sunday?
He also commented on the added pressure this year, to perform their roles well,
to not let each other down!
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Plucked from the Amos
Sep 12, 2013
15 min water taxi from Optus
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Tough Tex become guacamole. The guy is an oddity - looks like a monster, talks like a WWE celeb (both tone and content) and yet Cameron tackles and bumps more than him.

Let us be clear, Bunger braced for contact that was not forthcoming. Don't forget that he nearly got a suspension for hardly moving his massive hips.

As other have said, pictures paint a thousand words or in this case stories.

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Balls In

Norm Smith Medallist
May 25, 2018
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West Coast
This was a team many had in their top four at the start of the year so it we better not get our heads too far up our own arses - the stats below indicate they match up pretty well against us. That said I think our forwardline is the difference and conversely Adelaide will struggle to score unless Tex and Betts have a field day. I'm particularly hoping to see Masten, Kennedy, Sheed, Jetta and Hurn find some form after being a bit down last week.



Born is pride, from isolation
Sep 28, 2005
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Why is that?
Long wait till the game, its SUnday night an general folk ate getting ready to go to work next day.

Kids, particularly younger ones, are in need of attention as well and can interrupt a tense game.

It's the worst time slot of them all.

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