Autopsy Round 22, 2019: Hawthorn defeats the Suns and Roughie kicks six

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Off The Couch

Hall of Famer
Oct 4, 2007
AFL Club
Well done ruff - what an awesome finale

Chad and Worps were machines absolutely outstanding games. Can’t wait to add Cogs and Mitch to the middle

Not sure why BB spent most of the game down back but he did a good job as did CJ - going to be alright I think

Would like us to be a bit more consistent for longer periods of time but we have improved through the year

Ned Ryerson

Future Captain
Sep 23, 2012
Punxsutawney, PA
AFL Club
What a way to end a fantastic career. Crowd went bonkers whenever Rough went near it! A goodbye game most of us will never forget.

Thank you for the memories that will last an entire lifetime. A great clubman, a great hawk!
Even better than the cheers were the torrent of boos if Suns players spoiled his attempts - crowd even booed Gunner when he marked one ahead of Rough!

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Club Legend
Mar 24, 2011
AFL Club
Roughead. The kids. Wingard, so much to like.

No idea what the McEvoy experiment was about and hope we don't play two rucks next week.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 11, 2012
AFL Club
Little OT, but I was pulled aside by the police at 3/4 time because I was reported for anti social behaviour for apparently along someone or a player a fag..

Police said it was an allegation, and asked for my drivers license, and the security ask me for my hawthorn membership. I categorically deny I would ever say anything like that, as its offensive and I have many friend who are in same sex relationships.

I felt I was treated poorly based on no evidence and pi**ed me off. I am had tempted to make a complaint myself, but should it be to the stadium? The police or the club ?

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