Game Day Round 22 - Crows v Collingwood - Sauce all over Pies

Winning Margin and Ruck Contest

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All Australian
May 29, 2018
AFL Club
I love the deep thinking in our kick out strategy. We kick to a player in the pocket. And then he goes back a at the umpires play on call he bombs it to 10 or so plus metres over the 50m circle. Which is precisely the same result if the kicker running out of the goal square had bombed away. Give me fxxxxxxn strength.

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Club Legend
Apr 3, 2018
AFL Club
Now people might understand why I along with some others were so against bringing Gibbs in at the expense of some higher draft picks. We were always gonna need to rebuild and bringing another aging player in at the expense of a couple of first rounders was inept and will cost the club going forward.
Luckily Carlton were so s**t and finished last that we got an equivalent of a 1st rounder back in a strong draft but pick 10 does look like overs for him right now even in a weak draft, however for the 1st half last year, it looked like a very good trade.

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