Autopsy Round 23, 2019: Sydney v St.Kilda *2019 PRIDE GAME*

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Aug 17, 2015
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Long season finally over. Positives all year, emergence of Marshall Wilkie Clark Battle and others a promising sign. Dunstan's form in the back-end sublime.

Unfortunately injuries crippled us all year and lack of quality on all lines made it difficult.

Top 5 pick in the draft, and the potentiality of Brad Hill, Adam Tomlinson and others to come across is exciting. I am looking forward to 2020, I think we battled manfully all year.

Now it's time to get on the piss! Go Saints

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Jan 10, 2011
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Ormond AFC
Too many didn't want to miss Mad Monday because of injuries.

Hopefully a number of players will be told they are on the trade table.


Need to start the move to getting players in who can dispose of the ball effectively.
You got Ross out of that game. Biased or what


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Sep 23, 2009
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Trade Jake Carlisle please.

He just cannot handle playing for a losing team. He isn't a CHB, he is a massive HBF/7th defender and we have that covered in Battle, Wilkie and possibly Roberton.

Richmond, GWS and Geelong would love him right now. Not sure how many bridges he burned and the Bombers but he'd go alright there too. He's no good for us in the 6/6/6 era.

Feel like that last qtr might hurt Ratten's chances too. We had that game in the first half. We were the better team, we just couldn't finish in front of goals. Once the Swans jagged a couple in a row the scoreboard pressure went up and we cracked. Just had to be better prepared to slow the game down and compose ourselves. We tried to rush, made mistakes and got killed on the turnover.

If Rob Harvey comes in all guns blazing I can see the club taking him on board to try and unite the fan base.
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