Round 23 Discussion - Grand Final Week

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Sir Hugh Percy

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Jun 7, 2012
Earlthwaite Manor
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2328 lost my two grand finals and dropped another 899 places to finish 3306 overall. :(

Word to the wise, don't blow all you trades by round 18. Also had a terrible run with my VC and C picks through the finals. Gawn VC and Parker C this week.

Thanks for tips and entertainment, guys. Congrats to Seymour and all the others that have finished top 500.


All Australian
Dec 2, 2010
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Just nabbed me. Blew out to 548.

Bloody Gunston.
2437 for the GF
Won 3/7 leagues
Lost my main league..

277 overall. Slipped in the last few weeks but my best ever finish.
Don't kid yourself. SC finals footy is a different animal.(bloody Buddy)

Sloane(unfairly suspended for bashing a tagger)
Johannisen(84 from 27 posi WTF)


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May 8, 2006
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What's the prize for winning BF div 14?
$1k? $2k?

Great year from all. We'll done Seymour Skinner and Toxic.

Thanks for the laughs from all you drunken campaigners. So many funny carnts on here.
Gingys meltdown was epic.

Back in Aus next year, so I'll be able to watch foity, play SC seriously and be on the forum a bit more hopefully.

Spent half my weekend worrying about VC/C decisions. Turns out none of them would have made a difference. Your team comprehensively outplayed mine.

2356 for the round, finished 5632 overall. Couldn't hold on to a top 5k spot. Lost all 3 GFs. The upside was that I made 3 GFs. So that's something.

Thanks all here for a highly entertaining and informative SC season. BF makes a huge improvement to the experience.

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Apr 17, 2008
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Some great results here, well done guys.

645th here. Little disappointed, prob coulda / shoulda finished higher being ranked better earlier in season. Maybe hugged some trades a bit too tight in end. Still managed to make a decent profit in cash leagues though.

Bring on next season!


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Sep 25, 2013
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The mediocrity continued to the very end.
Scored 2476, including not logging on/caring enough to take Danger's VC score.
Finished 1747 overall. Still my highest ever finish, but could've been better with some errors/laziness costing me.
Great year everyone. Congrats to all those BF peeps finishing high in the overall rankings. Seymour Skinner , toxic , enobrien , and all the others I'm forgetting. BF's best year perhaps?

You'll find me enjoying the comedy in the Draft, Trading and Free Agency thread for the next few weeks. Some real reptiles over there. Should be fun.
Update from last week...Jarrod Witts to return a 1st rd pick, and Hawthorn to pay Vickery a higher salary simply because Richmond will ask them politely to in order to secure themselves higher FA compensation...Comedy Gold I tells ya


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Apr 12, 2011
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Finished the year with a 2478 and ranked 9079, my worst ranking in about 4 years.

I didn't have many scores below 2000 but not many over 2300, it was all a bit meh for me in 2016.

Finished in prelim in both of my cash leagues (including Tragics 2) so all up I'll get about $250 back from $150 outlay, better than a kick up the bum and it will also cover my Gunners ticket :)

Thanks to everyone for the laughs, the banter and advice along the journey, but I'm looking forward to the break from SC and hopefully seeing my mob go all the way.

I look forward to the first day of preseason :)


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Jun 29, 2008
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You've missed the party. Still mad monday tonight though :D

How did you go?
Finished around 1500th or so. Too many s**ttruck injuries early on farked me. Stef Martin over Gawn probably the massive killer. I went on like a 6 week cruise before the start of the season so the time I spent on planning this year was SFA. Next year will be more prepared.
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