Review Round 23 - Gold Coast Suns v GWS Giants at Metricon Stadium, 7.25 pm 24 August 2019

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Nov 23, 2015
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Land of the Giants' preview:

Not a single goal after half time.

Two weeks of consecutive goal-less second halves. Even the kids of 2012 never went there.

Can anyone explain to me two consecutive goal-less second halves? How does that happen? It's clear the Dogs switched on late in the second term, but after a flurry at the start of the third quarter, we just switched off. I understand individual players have an off day, it happens all the time, but an entire team? Something is seriously wrong somewhere.

And don't get me started on size of the crowd. I'm leaving that for the post-season review.

As for the free-kick count, 5-17 against us, what a joke. I saw with my own eyes an umpire "miss" seeing a ball that clearly bounced out-of-bounds, then later pay a free kick for nothing. Don't tell me the AFL doesn't try to influence the outcome of games through the umpires.

We've got six days to sort all this out, so here's a quick summary. We're going to play in another finals campaign, but still haven't confirmed a home final (that was supposed to have happened by now). Beat the Suns and we confirm sixth spot, and most likely play either Essendon or probably the Dogs again on our own turf (what a joy that would be for the marketing department). And let's not think about the scenario if we lose.

Now the bad news. Unless something radical changes somewhere, the Suns, even though they have absolutely nothing to play for and have been something of a rabble for a long time, might just go into next Saturday thinking they're a chance. If they manage to win, all I can say it that they won't be the only expansion club with serious credibility problems.

About the best you can say from today is that we got some game time into Kelly, De Boer, and Corr. The two Jeremys and maybe Hopper and Lloyd are a chance to return for the Suns; if not this week, they'll all be back for the first final, along with Sam Taylor. Coniglio should be back for the semi if we make it that far. Oh, and Mummy might be back next week, if that helps.

Changes? Sproule out for sure. Others for the chop include Reid, Stein, Hill, Keeffe, and Caldwell. Maybe Perryman. Maybe Leon. Take your pick. Depends on who's available to replace them.

I think the best thing we can all do this week is contact the club and tell whoever answers the phone in no uncertain terms that the past two weeks have been unacceptable and we won't have 30,000 members next year unless the team starts looking like they give a s***.

Rant over.

1 Suns v GWS.PNG

What it means for Gold Coast: This is the last chance to get something tangible from the season. Yes, certain players have improved. Yes, they've been competitive for large portions of matches, but the bottom line is the Suns have lost 17 straight matches and need to give their fans some hope heading into the off-season with a strong showing.

What it means for Greater Western Sydney: After back-to-back beltings, the Giants need to find some confidence moving into September. While beating the Suns wouldn't change the outside perception, a strong win, playing four quarters of tough footy, might give them some momentum with injured players set to return ahead of the first week of finals.

The stat: It's been one-way traffic in the past five seasons between the two start-up clubs, with GWS winning the past seven matches by an average of 68 points. The Giants have won the past three matches by 102 points, 108 and 83.

The match-up: They won't necessarily be head-to-head, but Tim Taranto (No.145 in the official AFL Player Ratings) and Ben Ainsworth (No.389) were both taken in the 2016 NAB AFL Draft and will be interesting to watch. Taranto, the No.2 pick, has flourished and is having an incredible year, while No.4 selection Ainsworth has again been dogged by injury and not quite unleashed his explosive best.

It’s a big week for: Suns veteran Michael Rischitelli will run out for the 243rd and final time. After being drafted by Brisbane at the end of 2003, Rischitelli forged a great career at both Queensland clubs. He played in the last Lions finals campaign in 2009, won the best and fairest in 2010 and was then an inaugural Sun and one of the most consistent players in club history.

So, kudos to Rischa for your career and especially the time spent at the Suns - enjoy your retirement. Giants, time to find some form and craft a solid win before heading into finals (and securing a home final first week at least!). Let's go Giants!

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Sep 14, 2006
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God, Tommo... Turn over going into 50 when there's not a Giants player within ten metres of the drop of the ball, and then setting it up so that de Boer gives away a 50 for a shot on goal because you drop it 10 metres in front of him. Almost 12 points down purely off your own foot. :(


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Jun 23, 2014
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No tackle pressure yet again... yet the suns are doing and coming up trumps, very lucky their kicking has been off, this is fn atrocious

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