Game Day Round 3, 2021: Essendon v St.Kilda *STEELE 100TH* *CLARK 50TH* *CROUCH DEBUT*

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 2, 2003
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St Kilda
I think it’s the way we’ve been told to set up.. when we have the ball, all of our players push up to set up the high press to get repeat entries, but because the opposition just flood their backline and get us on the counter, all of our backs are out of position when we lose the ball and have to chase back when their direct man is streaming back into their forward line.. not a effort issue, it’s a game plan issue.. and a poor one at that.. we were lucky we won the first game in the wet.. but have now been found out.. almost every side will use the kick and mark game now you can get clean entries that way, it’s a perfect tool against high press game like ours, yet Ratten doesn’t have a plan B... Sad!
This. All our mids are forward and can't chase back. Gameplan has not been updated.


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Nov 12, 2011
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St Kilda
He's a good footballer who is a mercenary and only cares about Brad Hill. He wouldn't give two hoots about the St Kilda football club. Happily left the hawks to suit himself and then did the same to Freo.

Best part is, there is now nothing we can do. Don't play him, he wins, play him, he will play bruise free and not care all the while collecting his 800 grand.

I'd rather pay him to make Sandy stronger. He's a heart breaker and momentum crusher.


The umpires are always right!
Sep 27, 2008
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St Kilda
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Chelsea, Black Caps, Subiaco
It would be bad enough being embarrassed by a top 4 contender but we are being embarrassed by a bottom 4 contender with a heap of injuries.

I thought last week was bad but this is next level bad.

We are bottom 4 contenders playing like this.

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All Australian
Oct 10, 2015
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St Kilda
1st requirement for building a football side - foot skills.

1st requirement for building a side at St Kilda currently - 'are they the prime recruit this year?'
That’s not the issue.. Brad Hill could hit a target in his previous 2 sides, in our team suddenly he is nervous wreck and can’t hit a target to save his life.. why?

Because our midfield is crap and can’t win clean ball apart from a blind bomb and hack kick from clearance where other team’s mids just absorb the initial pressure and gets the ball to outside runner, easy pass down the line..

Also our game plan is a karmakze risky plan, where we just blindly bomb and push all our backs to the middle of the ground to press, when there’s a turnover, then the opposition almost walks into goal because our backs are way out of position.. silly silly game plan when opposition have worked us out and plan for this..
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