Autopsy Round 3, 2021: Hawks lose to Cats, Easter Monday

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Team Captain
Apr 2, 2018
AFL Club
Mixed feelings. We have 1 or 2 regular weak links every week. We played horribly for 3 quarters, good to see the Lads have a crack in the 4th quarter, just couldn't get the job done. As always, missed set shots early were the difference at the end of the day.


Premiership Player
May 5, 2014
AFL Club
Other Teams
Melbourne Victory TSM
A lot of the pieces are there, just need more game time and playtime together.

Drop Howe into non-existence and put in Cuz.

Otherwise, keep playing this forward line together, as they just need time.

Good signs from a lot of the youngsters, just lacking the composure and polish + a little creativity. We will get there. Good comeback and showing in the last was as good as a win.

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