Game Day Round 3 2021: Richmond vs Sydney MCG 1:45pm

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Grand Poohbah of Ganymede
Oct 25, 2006
from the hinterlands of sri lanka and tibet
AFL Club
Other Teams
B.S.C youngboys.. Borussia Dortmund
Can someone check on VB_longneck ? I need to make sure he hasnโ€™t pulled his cock off after a certain โ€œomissionโ€œ.
Heard a body ( not sure if alive or not)
Was found in mill Park Lake,, with empty kfc
Wrappers and box a large brown bottle was also found next to the body,,apparently b4 the body was found locals said they heard a man shouting, Daniel is out Daniel is out,, and then wild shrieks of laughter
NEWS JUST IN - police have taken the man to Laurie dees they expect him to make a full recovery
Not open for further replies.

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