Toast Round 3, 2021: Sandringham v Box Hill, May 2nd, Trevor Barker oval @ 2:30

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Club Legend
Aug 23, 2009
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The architects of this comeback need to go into the senior team. I don't understand why they dropped Brockman he offers more than both Hanrahan and Moore and Downie really does deserve a real senior game - the kid looks like he would bleed for the jumper


Premiership Player
Oct 2, 2014
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Quarter 4:

Newcombe really wanted to win this game. I’d genuinely be considering Newcombe for a midseason spot because his defensive efforts and work ethic are fantastic. Fergus Greene also looks a very handy third tall but may lack a bit of speed at AFL level.

Another one visibly up for the fight was Reeves. I thought his intensity rose in the last quarter and I was impressed with his ruck contests and his efforts on the ground. Linked up a few times too. Next step in his development is using that big body to take marks around the ground.

Brooksby is also very handy at this level although more around the ground.

Brockman the same as before. A few mistakes but overall reasonably composed, tackles and works hard. Linked up in crucial moments. Could have ended up with 3 or 4 goals.

Hartley kicked a cracking goal into the wind and higher up the ground his kicking was a weapon. I don’t think his best role is a defender TBH. His defensive work is bad but his kicking is probably the best on our list.

Howe lifted that last quarter. Won a good amount of the ball and kicked a great goal.

Nash did a lot of hard running to link up. He was good in this role.

Downie is visibly trying hard and had some good delivery into the 50 in the last quarter but didn’t find much of the ball. That's his next challenge.

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