Toast Round 3, 2021: Sandringham v Box Hill, May 2nd, Trevor Barker oval @ 2:30

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Strapping Young Lad

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Apr 19, 2006
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Day & Sic the only lot there that are really in our best 22 going forward at present.
Denver & Seamus as yet unproven & suppose I was a bit harsh on Downie but looked out of it yesterday.
Regardless of who should be best 22, one of the reasons there was a lack of HFC listed players leading the charge yesterday is because we had 8 unavailable.


Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 28, 2000
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Being at the game yesterday, I'd go as far to say the cupboard is pretty bare in regards to the HFC players.
It was mainly the Box Hill Listed players who got us over the line. Oh OK Howe was good in the last, but so he should be dominating at that level.
Brockman for me should never have been dropped & needs to be played to gain experience.
I see this as more a bad loos for Sandy as they had a lot more experience on the field & let this slip badly.
For the record been to Beach Rd oval at least a dozen times & never seen a loss.
Was JOM playing?

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