Autopsy Round 3, 2023: St.Kilda v Essendon *150 YEARS OF THE SAINTS*

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triggering bro

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Aug 30, 2017
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St Kilda
Last year the team was 8 and 3 at the bye with a 4 / 18 loss by 2 points and getting during the last qu. front in round one, quite a few of those wins were off playing 1 decent quarter, or 1/2 a quarter.
I reckon the upside for this group could be big, all this whilst bringing in young talent over the last 2 years.
The future is bright 😊
I’ve been saying it for years, the FA had us underperforming for years! No wonder why RTB was so keen to take on this group!

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Jul 6, 2005
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Beauty of being human. Life would be pretty boring without the s**t things to make the great things more enjoyable.
This is it in a nutshell. Imagine you take the family away on a camping trip for a couple of weeks, and everything goes perfectly well - it's a boring story to tell anyone....."yeah the weather was great, we did some fishing, caught a few good whiting, came home".

Now imagine on that same trip the weather turns nasty, a mini-tornado destroys your tent and you end up soaked, huddled under a tree for the night and living off uncooked 2-minute noodles for two days because the flooding means you can't get in or out of the camp site!!

Now it's a story worth telling and listening to!!

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