MVP Round 3 Votes v Port Adelaide

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 13, 2014
AFL Club
West Coast
Don't know how I managed to post this into last weeks vote thread :s

5. Nic
4. Shuey
3. Hurn
2. Barrass
1. Shep

Plenty of HM to be given but essentially Nic's dominance for us gave us the platform. Shuey played an amazing game that sparked our midfield. Losing him again hurts. Bung, Barrass and Shep instrumental in drawing the line in the sand around the contested game and the standard to play to.

I can't overstate what an amazing effort it was from the defensive group to force Charlie D up the ground to even get a touch. Dixon has straight up murdered us in pretty much every encounter in the last 4 seasons.

The Passenger

Freak Power
Mar 25, 2003
AFL Club
West Coast
5 - Luke Shuey
4 - Tim Kelly
3 - NicNat
2 - Andrew Gaff
1 - Tom Barrass

Such dominance in the midfield as reflected in the votes. The top four were clear stand outs for mine.

The fifth spot could have gone to any of about 10 guys. Gone TB because keeping Dixon goalless is a great effort - obviously helped by his lack of supply. But even when Dixon was in with a shout, Barrass just shut him down time and time again.

What a performance. Sort of performance where you wish you had 30 votes to spread around.

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