Review Round 4, 2019: Box Hill Hawks v Coburg, 27 April 2019, 1.00pm @ Box Hill City Oval

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Dixie Flatline

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Jun 3, 2005
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The Hawks will be keen to rebound from a loss against a superior Port Melbourne team, with a home game against the Coburg Lions. One key improvement they'll be looking to make will be improved accuracy in front of the big sticks, with the Hawks managing 8.17.65 (though they were let off the hook by the Borough's own poor finishing in front of goal, with Port Melbourne kicking 12.17.89).

In the meantime, Coburg enjoyed a very big victory over fellow stand-alone club, Frankston. Coburg led all afternoon, but a nine goal to two burst in the third quarter put the contest to bed by three quarter time and allowed Coburg to cruise to a comfortable 75 point victory, with Ben McEvoy's younger brother, Peter, kicking six goals to be named Coburg's best on ground (and also putting McEvoy one goal clear in the early stages of the race for the Frosty Miller Medal, having kicked 10 goals to Jackson Ross' nine goals so far this season - McEvoy is tied with Williamstown's Nicholas Rodda on 10 goals, while Sam Lowson of Coburg also has nine goals to be equal third).

Teams as of Thursday night.

Box Hill Hawks
B: 29. C. Jiath, 32. D. Mirra, 35. J. Scrimshaw
HB: 42. T. Miles, 23. T. O’Brien, 1. H. Morrison
C: 40. H. Jones, 26. L. Shiels, 11. C. Nash
HF: 41. O. Hanrahan, 18. J. Ceglar, 38. D. Minchington
F: 13. C. Glass, 25. R. Schoenmakers, 36. D. Moore
Foll: 27. M. Pittonet, 52. A. Moore, 46. J. Cousins
Int from: 67. N. Boucher, 45. W. Golds, 44. D. Greaves, 62. S. Horner, 61. B. Kilpatrick, 53. L. Mackie, 50. D. Mascitti, 54. L. Meadows, 56. N. Mullenger-Mchugh, 64. T. Tweedie, 63. L. Walker, 33. M. Walker
23P: 79. D. Reinbold

In: T. O’Brien, T. Tweedie, M. Walker, C. Nash, L. Shiels, D. Minchington, Cousins, D. Mirra, J. Scrimshaw, H. Morrison, D. Reinbold
Out: J. Cucinotta, J. Ross, J. Koschitzke

B: 5. R. Exon, 6. H. Nolan, 7. T. Lever
HB: 2. J. Corigliano, 25. A. Tilley, 36. J. Guthrie
C: 42. M. Lentini, 9. B. Foster, 3. J. Weightman
HF: 27. S. Binion, 12. P. McEvoy, 32. B. Cannolo
F: 4. S. Lowson, 14. S. Stroobants, 18. H. Simington
Foll: 22. A. Swierzbiolek, 11. L. Bunker, 17. L. Dickson
Int from: 44. L. Di Lizio, 13. B. Gillard, 21. T. Meagher, 1. J. Murphy, 34. J. Neaves, 28. K. Noonan, 38. T. Old, 10. M. Podhajski
23P: 39. M. Saad

In: T. Old, L. Di Lizio, J. Murphy, B. Gillard


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Nov 3, 2005
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Think Kozzie was listed as concussion - test from last week so probably just being conservative.

Interested to see how Minchington goes - good chance he jumps to front of line for spot in afl (ahead of Moore, miles, glass, CJ) with a few good games at box hill.

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Sep 27, 2012
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So disappointed Ross is injured :( Oh well, time for Ollie to have a blinder :D

Will be heading over but not sure if I will get there for the beginning (1pm start is a bit early :mad: ).


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