Game Day Round 4, 2020: Sydney Swans vs Western Bulldogs @ SCG, 7:40pm, 25 June

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Jul 12, 2013
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grey was a throwaway though, taylor is on 3 years

brand agree , we miss him
Three years for a bloke not getting a game elsewhere. Brand
Grey's best games for Port were as a genuine inside mid when Wines was out for them where he was getting 30+ and a bunch of clearances. If we were going to play him as a small forward, why recruit him? That's not his position. Taylor is depth for mine.
He had 3 games of 30+ possessions back in 2015. Seems a long time ago to stake a claim that he’s an inside mid.


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Jun 15, 2018
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The great.

Justin McInerney. He is a 19 year old kid. 19. He doesnt duck a contest (looking at u Hayward, Cunningham) and competes HARD. The skinniest kid out on the park, but competing and winning ball.

The good.

Paps. Kicked basically all our goals but missed a few easy ones that probably would have put us back in the game earlier. Good game nonetheless.

Rowbottom. Competed hard but did his best JPK/Parker cosplay by hack kicking forward. Really liked his tackles on Bont.

Honourable mentions.

Sinclair. Really turned it on the 2nd half. Great effort, just not a good footballer. Man how do u even run out of time for a set shot!!!

Ronke. Limited ball up forward but he chased and setup a few for Paps.

Just gna skip to the UGLY

Hayward. Literally avoided a contest then got moved to Defence. Bye bye. I hope I don't see you on my TV for the rest of the season.

Cunningham. 8 SEASONS. ITS BEEN 8 SEASONS! Garbage. Delist. Put a youngster in there. Should be disgraced by how soft he is.

Blakey. You are not Buddy Franklin and you will never be. I blame the club for constantly hyping him up.

Aliir. Just lazy. Slow. Can't mark when dewy so thats like at least 6 games of the season. Unpopular opinion but delist worthy.

Coaching. We beat north in the 2nd quarter when Dawson was taking kick ins. WHY DID THIS CHANGE? Why is Parker playing on Bont? If I see another player jogging near the ball next week I'm going to lose it.


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Feb 1, 2012
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hayward is gone next week - he got sent to defence LOL

rowbottom went to defence to make room for mills - have to try something different

game over
Rowie should have stayed on the mids. He was not playing on Bont. It w
Made no sense to send him back. Especially as he was defending better that any other mid

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Sep 23, 2005
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Sydney Swans
He had 3 games of 30+ possessions back in 2015. Seems a long time ago to stake a claim that he’s an inside mid.
They were clearly his best games, it's where he was very good...and guess what it's where we lack versatility. Try him there...honestly what are we losing it trying? It is the same with Mills in the middle- try it. Give it a month. Parker can play forward.

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