Autopsy Round 4, 2021: St.Kilda v West Coast

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 20, 2009
AFL Club
St Kilda
Wow. I thought it all week that it was the loss we needed to have. The loss that Richmond had against us a few years ago, the loss Essendon had in 2001 or whenever it was. The one you need to have to remind the guys that hard work is needed.

I’ll watch it tomorrow to watch it properly.

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Premiership Player
Sep 17, 2010
AFL Club
St Kilda
Other Teams
Manchester City, AIK, Raiders
One of the most incredible wins.

I’ve been his biggest critic but DMac was man of the match. Brilliant decision-making and composure. Lowered his eyes and lead the way. Before that, we were not getting reward for our effort.

Take a bow DMac, unbelievable turnaround.
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