Preview Round 4, 2021 vs Richmond @ Adelaide Oval 04/09/21

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Jul 30, 2009
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Port Adelaide
Was ruled out late last year. Too expensive and apparently worried about too many trees being removed
I think that was an objection on the original proposal in the late 80's also and look what happened, the environment was actually improved.

Tsk tsk.

Black Saab

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Apr 14, 2014
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It’ll just mean we won’t get mentioned on On The Couch and we’ll trundle on as usual.
Very early days for both sides. What is on the line is 4 premiership points for ladder position at the end of the year which will be handy for a top 4 finish. Anything to do with predictions of season long form is the wrong focus.


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Apr 3, 2014
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Port Adelaide
There was a game against the Richmond reserves in 2019, where i remember having a similar influx of Richmond supporters telling us how much we were going to win by.

We are going to have to play really well to win this game, any suggestions otherwise are BS.


Schrodinkley's Cat
Jun 21, 2014
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Port Adelaide
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Maggies, Spurs, Raiders?
Crown & Anchor. Bit of a longer walk to the ground, but not a deal breaker.

Harry's Bar is meant to be good. Christoffarken how was it for the Essendon game?
It was absolutely dead last weekend but on Friday nights it has historically been a good atmos

I only prefer it because it's geographically more central

On the downside they didn't have maker's mark, or if they did the bar staff didn't know what it was

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May 26, 2017
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Grêmio, DC United, Indians (MLB)
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This Is Anfield

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Feb 25, 2014
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Liverpool, England, Furies
Have NFI how this will go. Have 14 winners out of 27 so far!
Could be close, a blow out or a draw... who knows.
As always, fearing the worst and hoping for the best.
Working and will have to periodically check the scores... sucks!


I have one
Apr 25, 2009
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Port Adelaide
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I was speaking to my uncle Terry on the phone last night discussing the game and potential match ups for the week and we came up with a few ideas.
Richmond love to play that Richmond style of footy, they like to get at the ball carrier and put pressure on their opponents and force them in to chaos decision making processes.

My uncle and I think we need to isolate the ball carrier in to space and give them time to make measured decisions to get the ball game flowing on our terms.
Guys like Boaky, Amony and Houstony are going to be important here, as they can run like hell and use the ball well by foot. We absolutely must work for these guys this week.

Dixony is a good target in the forward line and Georgiades is looking promising, we can't just bomb it long though, or they will clean up on the intercept or come over the top with a smash fist. We have to be smart and hit them up on the lead-up with clever transitional movements and use our skills.

Expect Marshall to work his way up the ground a bit more and almost become that half-forward wing option and isolate Georgiadesy and Dixy in the forward line in space with Orazio and Connor Rozee to mop up at the feet if there's some crumbs.

Crack open the full strength coke for this one Ken, we're in for a hell of a fight


Jul 16, 2015
Earth somewhere
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Coney Island Warriors
Hello all,

Sorry to intrude.

We have a banter thread going if anyone wants to jump in. We are getting a bit lonely in there :(

Note: Mods said it was fine for me to promote it.
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