Preview Round 4: Changes and prematch discussion vs Hawthorn

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Billy Not Really

Premiership Player
Apr 7, 2018
Licking windows at the back of the bus.
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North Melbourne
No certainties in footy. I reckon all of him Durdin, McKay, Macmillan, Turner, Wood etc would have to be nervous. No need to have the list filled up with role players.
You can probably name about 10-12 blokes that are on the cutting room floor, some of them have let injuries stifle their potential like Garner & Wood, but others just don't make the grade.

That being said, I hope Rawlings can shape up the list once the purge is over to be something special.


Apr 7, 2019
AFL Club
North Melbourne
This is not clubs for hugs here, these are meant to be elite athletes, he has been on our list for CMIIM, 5-6 years, a year where his body has held up during preseason and isolation and he turns up like that is flat out disrespectful to the club.

Edit: 4 years. At a second chance Club
You are so wrong
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