Autopsy Round 4 = Collingwood 60-90 GWS

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Brownlow Medallist
Oct 7, 2014
AFL Club
Old list with very little youth and a desperate coach trying to squeeze water from a rock.

Pendles is done
Greenwood is done
Sidebottom is done
Mayne is done
WHE is horrible
Thomas is horrible
Brown is horrible
Sier is horrible

Grundy is mediocre at best
De Goey is extremely overrated

Mcreery and Quaynor were okay, i guess that's a positive.

Moore good


Club Legend
Sep 10, 2019
AFL Club
Nothing to show for 1st round picks from 2015-2019 (5 drafts). It has really come home to roost.

And people really got sucked in by the narrative of a ‘successful’ 2020 draft period.

What about 2017? Apparently ifStephenson wasn’t available we might’ve taken Murphy with that pick. Murphy isn’t even getting a game.
Where’s the time trial king Rantall? Where’s Bianco?

Scouting and list management has made a meal of this list through poor selections, poor trading, bad contracts.
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