Game Day Round 4 St Kilda vs West Coast - Sat @2:35

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 15, 2009
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
East Perth, Donnybrook, Chelsea
Beaten up at CBD and stoppages, Steel and Jones had too much grunt for the likes of Gaff, Kelly, Sheed and co. Weak effort. Boy were we missing Yeo and Shuey.
Time for Trew and O'Neil to come in, I think. Need more beef in the guts.


Premiership Player
Mar 28, 2009
AFL Club
West Coast
Jeeez, we swing wildly on this board. World beaters last week, sh*t scum this week.

it’s never as bad or as good as you think it is, remember that peeps.
No it is that bad that performance explains a lot about this playing group..they cannot play 4 quarters of football and when the heat is on the crumble as a group and do not stand up and help each other

We learned a lot today about the collective courage of the player group...and frankly its not good

Frontrunners is a great term for this team good at home but when the heat is on they fold .....

Its disgusting and one we need to change


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 16, 2009
Wembley downs
AFL Club
West Coast
Gonna go fold myself.

What was with that Waterman selection for Shuey? Arrogance.
Most ridiculous selection the selectors have made. Could not believe it when he was selected so soon after injury. Not that selecting O'Neill instead of Waterman would have made much difference today as attitude or fitness or both was what lost us the game today imo.


Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 9, 2012
AFL Club
West Coast
Simmo has done all he can with this group. Someone needs to call it. Either he goes or a host of senior players that have dished up the same sh*t since 2011 can go. Take out the 3 games of the 2018 finals series, and it’s Groundhog Day

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