Game Day Round 4 St Kilda vs West Coast - Sat @2:35

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Aug 28, 2018
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St Kilda
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Coventry City
You guys shouldn’t worry too much, you’ll definitely be in there come September, I tipped you to win the flag. Your full forwards are all guns, Petrucelle is insane and your backline is solid. You really just need your inside midfielders to get back in form.

Not many teams could have withheld the pressure we applied in the last quarter a half, I’m seriously shocked as to where it came from considering how piss poor we’ve been all year.

Good luck for the season

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Jun 19, 2017
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West Coast
Gutted about the loss.
One of our poorest in recent times I think.
A real missed opportunity.

Reckon we have 3 A grade midfielders and with Shuey and Yeo out, if Kelly has a bad one like yesterday, we may struggle.

After nearly 4 rounds, my take on this year is that it's really open.
Apart from Norf, I don't think there will be any easy kills, especially away from home.
I don't think we will get a side to really dominate the H&A season.
Again, we will be really hard to beat at home and have to jag a few away.

I know it's an emotional game but so far, some of the suggestions have been:
Sack Simmo (again)
Every time Kelly has a poor game, we should never have recruited him, even though he is 2nd in this years coaches award.
Trade Gov for Patrick Cripps.
Drop Kelly for Trew.
We drink our own bath water
We are an arrogant team
Simmo is too soft (again)

We just need to be in contention till around the bye.
If we get Shuey, Yeo and Rioli back in, we could come home strongly.

I'm looking forward to a strong response next Friday night.


BigFooty Member
Feb 12, 2009
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West Coast
Doesn't have any bearing on us now, but apparently Rowan Marshall has made his injury worse by being rushed back in..

Saints got the four points, but damn would have been handy if he didn't play on the weekend!

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