Autopsy Round 4 vs Sydney and City Hall

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 5, 2014
AFL Club
Sydney screaming today and want more money off the AFL as real estate up there is too expensive. It goes up more than here when they sell....maybe we should be asking for handouts. Just a bit peed off I am.

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Team Captain
Feb 26, 2015
North of the border
AFL Club
Well, at least we had a decent crack. Not going to contend this year, so as long as we have a go and blood the future, I will be happy.

Sort of, 29-16 frees, fu** me. Particularly the 3 or 4 deliberate that were paid. Still, plenty to take away from this game even though I thought we were down a few players.

Langford??? Seems down this year compared to last. Least productive player based on expectations so far. Margaret??? Let him have a run and prove himself i suppose, need to find out now if he is part of the future.

I love Cox!!! (My kids have been saying that for years, although I think it had a different meaning 🤔) Also Waterman. Good to pick up a big bodied mature player like that. Hopefully Perkins and Jones developed into the players we want, glimpses are there.

No Draper hurts. 2LP is not the answer, and then a young Cox get thrown into it when he is more valuable elsewhere. Hopefully Hep shows some better form with a few more games under his belt. Tippa, keep your ******* feet FFS.

Oh well, disappointed and gutted, but, at least they didn't blow us away, even with the extra help they got.

This year may not be so bad after all, considering 2 weeks ago we thought we wouldn't be competitive and would only beat Norf.

Go Bombers!!!

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daniher dynasty

All Australian
Apr 6, 2008
AFL Club
Other Teams
Subiaco, Everton, SF 49ers
Surely if you run off with the ball after taking it you’ve had prior.

It used to be that if you took possession out of the ruck and were tackled immediately that would be deemed ‘holding the ball’. That is no longer the case ( which is fair enough). But running off with it and then getting tackled should be holding the ball every time.
Yes, this analysis is correct. But commentators have trouble with understanding this. Just because you're not automatically HTB if you grab it in the ruck and are tackled, doesn't mean you cant be penalised if you grab it and then make no attempt when tackles.


Sep 21, 2020
AFL Club
AFL hq you are destroying the game. Remember where your bread and butter is.

I preferred watching the NT league on the weekend with obvious decisions paid and fairness to both competitors compared to your rigged garbage of the interstate teams constantly getting the 50/50s their way as well as all the other concessions you give them - sadly it all looks phoney.


Brownlow Medallist
Jun 11, 2007
AFL Club
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Tottenham, Bayern, Milan, Celtic
Surely once you start running with the ball that cancels out the taking it out of the ruck and it becomes prior opportunity?
it's no longer a ruck contest at that point.
4 steps. stopped, wore the tackle. that is the very definition of holding the ball.

Cats robbed lions at GMHBA. We get robbed at the SCG.
AFL has a home ground/umpire issue.
go back a few years there was a game where West Coast had more frees than points on the board at half time.


Jan 20, 2008
AFL Club
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Jonathon Brown gave Francis points for the match-up. Everyone else is too busy with the circle jerk..
Wow. He must really hate Sydney because he can't ******* stand us.
Langford??? Seems down this year compared to last.
No. SCG is just too small for him. He likes a couple of seconds think music before he disposes. Won't get that on a small ground.


Jul 6, 2009
AFL Club
We knew from Day 1 this would be a difficult season and we are zero chance of contending.

The umpires were abysmal and arguably cost us the game here, but... would we rather be losing games (when not contending) like we did tonight or capitulating and losing by 10-12 goals most weeks?

Enormously proud of the competitive effort on the big stage when the whole football world was watching. Many thought it was a waste of time flying up there as we were no chance and we still could’ve won it!

Still on track for 5 wins this year and another very good look at a very strong draft. Don’t be surprised if one of those 5 wins comes at Marvel later in the year against these same campaigners. The bottom will fall out of them sooner rather than later.

Keep up this great style of football we’ve seen for 11 of the 16 quarters we’ve played this year. We know 2021 isn’t going to be our year but when we see the likes of Cox, Archie, Ridley etc out there tonight (with plenty of young talent to come), it’s going to make the wait worth it.

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