Autopsy Round 4 vs Sydney and City Hall

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Feb 13, 2021
AFL Club
North Melbourne
22 can’t beat 25.
we put up all we could can’t fault the effort
Agreed. I am a Roos fan and hate Essendon, but was barrackingfor the Dons tonight against the AFL subsidised franchise. Umpiring was crap as per usual, and hurt the Bombers.
However you should be wrapped with effort and team cohesion, they were very good. In fact first time in years I can see Essendon building a team of substance.
Go Roos!
PS Cox can play

Call Me Cake

I'll brb
Jun 9, 2007
AFL Club
If you take the 6 points of a goal, and split it accordingly, we would have been 3-1 by now off a single kick.


We did extremely well to do what we did against the barrage of disregard of the rules by the umps. The boys should go forth remembering they were robbed and use it as fuel for the weeks ahead.

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All Australian
Oct 16, 2003
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Tottenham, Exers
I’m happy to know we should have won but not get the 4 points.

Draft picks!
That's an awful attitude - see what it did for Melbourne and Carlton. I'm proud that our club tried hard to avoid the wooden spoon in 2016. Sure, losing gets draft picks, but not caring about losing is a cancer. It takes a decade to recover.

Old Stuckup

Club Legend
Nov 7, 2017
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Chelsea, 76s, Stars
Just to brighten up some spirits imagine this side running out in about 2 years from now:

B: Redman - Reid - Laverde
HB: Hind - Francis - Ridley
C: Merrett - Caldwell - Cox
HF: Stringer - Jones - Perkins
F: A Davey - Eyre - McDonald-Tipungwuti
R: Draper - Parish - McGrath
I/C: Langford - Shiel - J Davey - 2021 FRP

For what might be the first time in forever we’re building something promising!


Sep 21, 2020
AFL Club
Never seen worse umpiring that that. The fix was in.
You guys got utterly reamed at the SCG last year - it was a close game. They stepped it up in the last, every time the whistle blew you knew which way the umps would signal even though the players most of the time had no idea what happened. At the death Wingard was 15 out straight in front and had his jumper pulled back at least a foot without the ball it was called “Play on”.

daniher dynasty

All Australian
Apr 6, 2008
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Subiaco, Everton, SF 49ers
Well, at least we had a decent crack. Not going to contend this year, so as long as we have a go and blood the future, I will be happy.

Sort of, 29-16 frees, fu** me. Particularly the 3 or 4 deliberate that were paid. Still, plenty to take away from this game even though I thought we were down a few players.

Langford??? Seems down this year compared to last. Least productive player based on expectations so far. Margaret??? Let him have a run and prove himself i suppose, need to find out now if he is part of the future.

I love Cox!!! (My kids have been saying that for years, although I think it had a different meaning 🤔) Also Waterman. Good to pick up a big bodied mature player like that. Hopefully Perkins and Jones developed into the players we want, glimpses are there.

No Draper hurts. 2LP is not the answer, and then a young Cox get thrown into it when he is more valuable elsewhere. Hopefully Hep shows some better form with a few more games under his belt. Tippa, keep your ******* feet FFS.

Oh well, disappointed and gutted, but, at least they didn't blow us away, even with the extra help they got.

This year may not be so bad after all, considering 2 weeks ago we thought we wouldn't be competitive and would only beat Norf.

Go Bombers!!!
That's an awful attitude - see what it did for Melbourne and Carlton. I'm proud that our club tried hard to avoid the wooden spoon in 2016. Sure, losing gets draft picks, but not caring about losing is a cancer. It takes a decade to recover.
You're confusing a supporter reaction after a game with insider attitudes to approaching a game. Of course we want our coaching and playing staff to be intent on putting on maximum effort each week( while also being mindful of developing and educating our young players). But having lost a close game in which we obviously gave everything, does not mean we cant look at the upside of losing to sides and getting better access to new talent than them in a comparable situation.


Hall of Famer
May 6, 2007
South East Suburbs
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Tottenham Hotspurs, Melbourne Vixen
We played well but truth be told the score line flattered us.

28 scoring shots from 56 entires I50, they should have won by 9 goals.

Kudos to our guys got not breaking the dam wall when they kept coming though. All should be better for the experience of a close game.

Umpiring was crap and we should all know that we get reamed, more so Sydney in Sydney.

Anyways, frustrating game and one we could have iced but didn’t. Lots of promise and contributions across the board.

Pick ourselves up, recover and go again in Brisbane.

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