Autopsy Round 5, 2020: Hawthorn falls in a heap against the Giants

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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 9, 2017
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On average going in to this round a holding the ball was paid every 14.7 tackles. Lat week we laid 69 tackles which was the 4th highest of the season and had 0 paid Over the past 2 Hawthorn have laid 118 tackles and had 2 paid.

No team has gone an entire game without a holding the ball being paid, the Hawks had 0 paid last week and 2 paid this week.

I will admit our tackling was poor this week, slipped off a lot of tackles but the numbers would be the single biggest outlier of all time if they were all called correctly and still ended up this way.

Just to clarify the Giants were clearly the better team and not at all suggesting the umps were the difference but something has to give.

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Premiership Player
Sep 20, 2015
AFL Club
There were some positives to the game, especially some youngsters showing their best and a very good game by O'Meara.

A lot of negatives, the top two being we sustained injuries, and we were outclassed.


Club Legend
Nov 5, 2012
Park Orchards
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We have pressured very well the past 3 weeks. We haven’t tackled as well.

Pies next week is super important.

At least we’ve had a kick up the arse on that ground and have familiarised ourselves.

4-2 after playing 5 of last years’ top 6 would be fantastic.

Keep the faith people.

Time to bring in Hartley and give one of O’Brien or Ceglar a spell.

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Mar 30, 2008
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Look disappointing result but they're not 6 goals better than us. To their credit they made the most of just about every opportunity they had where as we just can't put to together forward of center for the most part.


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Feb 8, 2017
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Intent wasn’t there from the start. Gave them the first 4 goals - impossible task to beat a good side at home from that point on...
Umpires gave us our usual reaming every time we looked like getting back into it..
Cherry on top is the 3 injuries- really just a forgettable night any way you look at it...


All Australian
Jun 11, 2013
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Outplayed by a better (or really, more efficient) team, however there's a lot to work with. We did quite well in the midfield and controlled a lot of the game. Once it was inside 50 our entries were putrid, and vice versa for GWS'.

Obviously the HtB and umpiring wasn't ideal but you can't do anything about it.

I'm a TOB defender but he was atrocious tonight, but to be fair so was everyone forward except for Gunners and eventually BB.

Jones had a nice debut! A lot to look forward to with him.

Anyway, pretty bad game but definitely not as bad as the scoreboard suggests. Our skill was pretty bad and if we can fix our F50 entries we will be much tougher to beat. Doesn't help we are god-awful at that ground too. Let's bounce back next week. Hope Lewis, Shiels and Scrimmers are okay — the latter were good tonight.

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