Review Round 5, 2020 vs Brisbane

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Jul 27, 2012
Westeros, 100 years prior to the events of GoT
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Port Adelaide
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Thick As A Castle Wall
Butters is the only player who deserves to milk his breakfast tomorrow. All the other players can hang their heads in shame and eat their Weetbix dry.

He was the only player with heart today. He played like he could skin two cats at once.

fu** Ken Hinkley. Sack Ken Hinkley.

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Ant Bear

Hall of Famer
Dec 7, 2012
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Port Adelaide
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Port Magpies, West Coast Wonders,
Boak the only one with inner steel. Butters didn't disgrace himself.

Failure to recognise that Brisbane don't kick to forward contests. They kick to space and use their pace. We needed to fill those spaces.

In contrast, we returned to bombing the ball on top of our forwards. Charlie had no chance, competing against a stampede.

Absolute epidemic of broken tackles. Not just that, but too often we let a Brisbane player get their hands free in a tackle and break a line. We need to get better; we've been better than that in 2020.

We took 3 steps backwards tonight.


Apr 22, 2018
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Outclassed hopefully we can rebound. Brisbane a good side but lucky with the fixture to date.
And is there any chance robbie can get a free kick before he retires?


Club Legend
Aug 13, 2007
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Port Adelaide
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Well that game had a bit of everything we knew was a Port weakness.

1. Killed at centre bounces getting the ball in quick exposing our tall (lack of) defence.

2. A reasonable first quarter where we kicked alot of points due to most of our shots being under high pressure because we couldn't spot up targets I side 50

3. A singularly really bad quarter to go with some mediocre to ok quarters

4. The propensity for our midfield to go missing

Nothing has really changed, we might play more good footy for longer as the season goes on and the experience grows but the good teams will expose us in the same way, repeatedly.


Team Captain
Oct 30, 2014
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Port Adelaide
The thing that shits me is that if even if we lost by say 18 points or less (give or take), it would be a case of ‘ok, we lost but we took it up to Brisbane who have been comfortably home for the past month, and our premiership credentials would be still be okayish.

This shows we are only a slightly better version of 2019. Still not good enough.

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