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Jul 25, 2020
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What he’s saying is that you’ve misrepresented Cousins as a goal kicking mid.
No I haven't. You can pull stats out of your arse without context to prove anything or disprove it, when you do not put any context behind it.

It's the same as asking a mother at home when doing a poll and want a certain answer:

Q1 - Do you think the Australian education system is teaching our kids well? Answer is usually; No, I think it could be improved
Q2 - Do think Australian Kids are smart (knowing damn well she a mother of Australian kids) ? Answer YES (because otherwise she's calling her kids dumb) - oh so the education system is working fine then...

The pollster takes the answer that fits the desired outcome.


Q1 - kicking 8 out his 10 career goals out of only 12 games, does that make him a goal kicking mid compared to all our other mids, on this block of games alone ? Answer = Yes

Q2 - But by competition wide standards and compared overall with our other mids who have many more goals is he a goal kicking mid? Answer = No

But anyone with eye balls and a memory know the block of games (he's had so few) where he was almost kicking a goal a game, usually from 60 out - can he keep doing it? That's what I want to know, not get stuck in a stats sheet.

Be bloody nice, as all the other mids have a 100 plus games on him and haven't shown they can, so something different in the side would be a novelty.

So it's all good, we all view things differently, but stats be stats and don't always tell the story.
Not open for further replies.

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