Review Round 5 2021 - Sydney Swans v GWS Giants, 4.35 pm @ SCG, Sat 17 April

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Giant Strides

Nov 23, 2015
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So, team changes. Happy to see Matt Buntine out - he proved to be a liability in those last two games: we simply need to play the younger developing guys instead of him. Not so happy (broadly speaking) that veteran Sam Reid has returned, however, in the circumstances he's probably the best option as a lock-down style defender for one of the Swans small forwards. Really unhappy that we've suited up Mummy again. He was great against Grundy and the Pies, but I just don't think he has 2 games in a row in him, and we need to be getting experience into Flynn and Briggs. Fingers crossed it doesn't backfire, and leave us with a slow ponderous ruckman against the fleet footed Swans young midfield brigade.

Lose and we go 1-4 and Swans 5-0: who would have thought that in pre-season? Win and we're still 2-3. Swans will be tough as they've been playing well - our only hope is that their younger players mentally relax on what should for them be an easy game, and we can upset them. We'll have to play better than last week, though. Some of our early poor play wasn't punished (dropping marks, fumbling, poor passing) - we need to eliminate that.

Let's go Giants!


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Aug 31, 2014
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Important game, I would see a win this week as more of the inflection point for the season rather than last week.

The Swans side is a lot less experienced without both Rampe and Heeney but they are still fairly dangerous across the field.

There's a few players in our side with important roles that can have a reasonable impact on the game - Reid on Papley, Haynes ability to get into the game (whether that's on the wing or as intercepting back) and the effectiveness of Mumford around the ground.

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Mar 21, 2014
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Don’t like the mummy decision. Do like the Reid one.

I suppose around the ball we will have a lot bigger bodies which will be hard for them to compete with.... although if we are constantly chasing on the outside then we will pay for that

playing to our strength of contested ball but still moving it quickly will be important


Team Captain
Jan 30, 2016
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Shipley, bruhn, flynn all playing vfl - looks like buntine is the medical sub - leon loves the guy...heres hoping our team stays in one piece
I’m fairly sure I don’t want the role of defending Leon’s team selections in 2021.

However, the more I think about how to select a ‘medical sub’, the more I think it may make strategic sense to have a ‘veteran club man’ in that role during the VFL season.

I’d prefer to see our young guys play VFL and get guaranteed match experience and fitness, rather than warm the bench in AFL and perhaps not play at all.

While I agree Bunts is a limited player, maybe he is the right guy (last man standing?) to have in the role during our current injury crisis.

I could see Reid being shifted into that role as we begin to get players back from injury.

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