Review Round 5 2021 - Sydney Swans v GWS Giants, 4.35 pm @ SCG, Sat 17 April

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Brownlow Medallist
Jun 13, 2005
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Norwood, Red Wings
Seriously good finish, not that the commentators noticed.
How good is Brent Daniels?? The guy is a dynamite. Just in everything.

Really liked some of the stuff of Ash, XO and Stone in the last quarter. Stone hasn’t blown anyone away but I love how aggressive he is, takes the game on, looks to take kicks that open up the play. Big fan. Ash didn’t touch it for 2 quarters but had 12 in the last 40 minutes and set up everything.

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Giant Strides

Nov 23, 2015
AFL Club
I'm finding it hard to truly gauge the individual performances in that game. Some guys played quite well, and if we'd converted our chances and had a good win, I'd tend to think they had good games. But because we only just snatched victory, it's hard not to focus on the negatives (dropped balls, missed goals, wrong options) and be somewhat critical. Having said that, we are often just not clean enough, and need to improve that aspect of our game to improve.

Ward has continued his resurgence, with a good mixture of inside and outside game. Hopper & Taranto were solid without breaking the game open.

Kelly was frustrating - looked silky smooth at times, stilted at others, but a great instinctive goal to win the game for us.

Mummy, for all the criticism, got a lot of ball and led our clearances. Briggs and Flynn do need to look at him as to how we need our ruckman to play the game. But surely he cannot play 3 games in a row!

I thought that - although they had quiet patches - Cumming, Ash, Idun and O'Halloran were solid, and starting to get comfortable in their roles. X's late goal was clutch for us when everyone else was missing. I think they will all be excellent players for us going forward.

Conor Stone did some good things too, but hasn't yet got to that comfortable place of knowing his role and how he fits in. I'd prefer to keep him in the team (position and team balance dependent) than keep someone like Buntine. Hopefully Perryman is back next week to take Sam Reid's place.

Daniels continues to impress, his pace and enthusiasm is Toby-like in inspiring our attack. Just needs to finish those goals to be more effective.

Bobby, again, showed some brilliant flashes, and when he's involved, things happen for us. We just need more touches from him. Like Binga, his pace allows us to cut up other sides.

Jack Buckley was solid in the backline, and as an inexpensive player, will be a vital cog for the team balance going forward.

Sam Taylor, although he allowed Buddy to kick 5 (but plenty of backmen have been towelled up by Buddy), had some brilliant touches. And he took 13 intercepts and 11 contested possessions, so he did plenty of good things.

Tom Green is wow! - such composure with ball in hand, never seems ruffled, always looking to dispose of the ball safely and purposefully. We should shoot Leon if he ever drops Tom - he just needs to play and learn. 24 disposals, 11 contested 13 uncontested, at 79% efficiency was a great game for someone opposed to JPK often and in only his 10th game!

Heart-stopping and frustrating game, but we stay alive with the second last minute win. Well done to everyone for fighting it out to the very end.

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