Autopsy Round 5, 2024: GWS v St.Kilda

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A fast finish but our slow start and fumbly skills proved to be costly in the end. Can't fault the effort to fight until the end.

Congratulations to Garcia on a very promising debut as well, we might have found another one with him!
Back at it again in 5 days to take on the dogs.


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Lost that in the first half with the almost non committal in the first to crack into that contest, it was gettable, it always was and they just wanted it more and held.

Credit to Garcia in this match, he is what we needed in that sub and he almost carried us over to pinch that. Alas, just a tad too far to bridge.

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Gee if only we'd had a few extra shots from directly in front in a position where it would have been impossible to not score from, that sure would've helped us out...

If only Owens scored from his snap that went across the face entirely huh?

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