Game Day Round 5, 2024: West Coast vs Richmond

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The past is gone forever and what is done is done
And there's not much point in talking of what's been lost and won
And there's not much point in regretting the mistakes you have made
That have cost you a small fortune and for which you have dearly paid.

The past is gone forever and you ought to leave it go
It's like yesterday's water that under the bridge did flow
On it's journey to salt water and it cannot return
And the past too gone forever though from it we can learn.

The past is gone forever I heard the old bloke say
And he is over eighty and his hair is silver gray
We can only live in the present and the future is ahead
And we cannot stop the hands of time nor we cannot bring back the dead.

The past is gone forever it is now a memory
And it is beyond changing we cannot change history
And we live in the present and the present is today
And the future is ahead of us and it has always been this way.

- Francis ‘Liam’ Duggan

IMG_7391.jpeg IMG_7190.jpeg

West Coast Eagles vs Richmond Tigers
2024 edition

Per game​
Points scored​
Opponent Inside 50s​
AFL Fantasy points​
% of disposals that are turnovers​

Eagles by a million.

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It's pretty even stats wise between the clubs so should make for a pretty fun watch regardless.
Definitely our best opportunity for a win early in the year.
plus if the Reid v Dusty show actually kicks off it will be very entertaining.

I think we should win but might be closer than we hope, might be in for a edge of your seat kind of night.

definitely down for more of this though.

Things I hope to see:
  • Another break the line and goal from Chesser.
  • Reid sitting Dusty on his arse before sprinting away and pin pointing to a forward / kicking it himself.
  • 3+ goals for Waterman
  • Yeo to continue beast mode.
  • Hough to continue his domination of small/med fwds.
  • For once the ball doesn't get to the d50 often and it's a easy day for the defenders.
I’ll just say it out loud so I’ll either look really smart or cause some kind of disruption to the footy gods…

Smashed out the blocks early - down by 30 at quarter time on the way to a 57 point loss.
Just a warning re: Public Transport especially if you missed the 1st home game of the season.

(The changes have been poorly communicated by TransPerth)

The 661 CBD shuttle doesn't exist any more.

They expect you to use a Red Cat that will drop you on the western side of the Matagarup Bridge & then walk over (not at the bus station like the previous service).

The buses from Mirrabooka & Morley also drop off at the same spot.

Meaning issues for those with mobility issues or on the days why the heavens open up.

Happy to see the club mention the changes in their event day info after my suggestion as many people were waiting on the Terrace before the 1st home game unaware of the change.

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No excuses with this one, Richmond on the canvas with a heap of injuries and an average rebuilding squad, we're at home with a decently fit list.

Showed a bit in our losses so far this year and there's definitely improvement week on week.

If we can't get a win here it's concerning.
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