Round Round 5 Matchday Discussion - dedicated to Gutsroy

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Brownlow Medallist
May 12, 2013
AFL Club
LOL yes.

Dickhead just bought the property, never had livestock before. Spent 2 1/2 hrs trying to get it back in.
Finally called me job done in under half an hour.

Animals just have this instinct with me, if I'm behind them they seem to want move forward & away.
Haha, you're a star, you always classy the place up a bit.
If you wrote a weekly intro, you'd carve it up.

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Brownlow Medallist
May 21, 2013
AFL Club
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Arsenal, Fluminense; Blue Jays
I'm back baby!


After a shocker last week, dropping from 363rd to 948th overall, then Ridley going down on 30 after I literally just traded him in, I thought my season was done... but then the universe said NAH I AINT GIVING UP ON YOU YET and helped me out

Not even mad that I traded Ridley in this week (I lie, I am actually still very mad and sad)


Premiership Player
Aug 15, 2009
Edinburgh, Scotland
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St Kilda
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North Sydney Bears Rugby League
2347 Best score of the year. Won 8 out of 9 Leagues. That bloody little KFC bloke having a go at me each week can get stuffed.

Thank god for that score. Have had my share of bad luck the first few weeks, but evaded that trouble this week. Some big scores. Neale (you bewdy), Max, Macrae C, Ziebell, Grundy, Bont, Zerrett. Even Joey D came to the party finally. Special mention for Markov getting a ton. Was regretting getting him in, but he's actually been ok for the money.

Climbed over 13,000 spots this week and didn't trade. Up to 12,264th. Came 1496th for the week. Long haul back from my first 3 weeks, but salvage job going well. Sydney rooks let me down. But good to see Kosi, Jordon and Rowe score well. Got to see who to punt this week to get some money in the tin. Don't think I've got any injury worries.
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