Round 5 Scores & In-Game Discussion

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2175. Very happy with today's scores. Going NicNat over Hmac may have been a mistake, but geez he's exciting to watch!! Not sure how far i can jump from 15000, but would love to be around the 5000 mark when it reopens :thumbsu:

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Wish I could just withdraw myself and not have to worry about it, but as long as I'm in the comp I will have to keep on wasting the hour or how ever many a week on this rubbish game (Disclaimer: next week I may score 2400 plus and admire how good of a game it is)
2014 with Sandi and Ablett on the bench and Porps and Hargrave late changes. Won 4/5 leagues, my bottom 6 were absolutely terrible:

Smedts 3 (covering Hargrave)
JJ Kennedy 22 (injured early but couldn't be subbed)
Malceski 38 (subbed off for no apparent reason)
Ellis 42 (subbed off for no apparent reason)
Treloar 53
Goddard 58
This adds up to an avg score of 36 for the bottom 6 players.

Managed to win my BigFooty league by a mere 8 points. After calculating some percentages, I realised I'd be in top spot despite having a lower average than every team I've played so far :p. Smedts 3 might as well have been a donut, considering it had no more impact on my score than Dangerfield's post-game scaling :eek:.
2116 with Ablett out, Malceski and Devon Smith (accidentally leaving him on the field instead of Treloar cost me 34 points). Pretty happy considering.

Big :thumbsu: for Dangerfield, Martin (finally) and new recruit H.Mac

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2128 for me. Cox under performing again. Giles will probably have a better average after this week. I'm playing Giles as my 2nd ruck so I'm extremely happy with his output.

Malceski, Smith and Ellis replacing Hargrave probably my only real letdowns.

Goddard and Buddy also disappointing but both almost everyone has them.
2052, not to bad.

Pendles, Sidebottom, Barlow, Broughton, Giles, McIntosh, Lids, Martin and Danger all impressed.

Devon Smith, Malceski and Geary all hurt.
1945...doesn't really seem too bad from what I can see this week. Goddard as captain and Devon Smith on the ground ahead of Cameron were my biggest miscues; could have been up around the 2150 mark otherwise.

Positives were all of my iffier keeper choices to start the year (Broughton, J. Grimes, Martin, Dangerfield) had fantastic weeks and Bugg may have announced himself as a keeper.
This has to be the worst year for me in recent memories. Nothing I do seems to come off.

1824, WITH:
Ablett out
Sandi out
Hargrave late change
Birchall late change
Porplyzia late change
Trade in Malceski after averaging 93 first 5 rounds. Subbed off and scores 38.

I've had enough!
1863, worst round in living memory.

3 donuts, a 3 and a 17. Aside from that was a fairly good round with Martin and Fyfe playing reasonably well.
1867. 2 donuts (ablett and dempsey) and a 3 + a 17

I think it's the worst score i've ever had. my 2200 average has been destroyed for sure.
Yeah, bad scores all around from what I can tell. Worst score since I started SC with 1905 and if not for Dangerfield would have been much more embarrassing.

Gotta waste a trade on Carrazzo as well FFS. Keeping Gazza though.
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