Review Round 5 vs Bulldogs @ Marvel Stadium (17.04.21 - 4:35pm)

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Club Legend
Nov 4, 2019
AFL Club
Gold Coast
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Liverpool, Pacers
Hahaha love the chat here, i mean we kinda saw this coming (The first half)

Thank god we played DIRECT FINALLY!!!!!!!! Took 3 rounds for Corbett the only bloke who can mark forward of the circle to get in, he's on fire.

BIG SHOUTOUT to Jy Farrar, was happy to see him get a game then on Tim English was bit weird but he looks so comfortable in his second game. Very nice pick 60

onto the last, keep the same forward movement and i'll be happy.

Very undersized, against Alot of A-Graders, bit sh*t but expected.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Nov 17, 2009
Gold Coast
AFL Club
Gold Coast
This game I’m willing to look past... the bulldogs appear to be the best in the comp.
If we come out of the blocks like this next week I’ll be a lot more vocal.
Yeah- have to be realistic
We don't just have 5 of our first team out, we have 5 of our top 10(you could possibly say 6 but I actually forget what Rory Thompson looks like)
We would have had to have everyone at full fitness and firing on 8 cylinders to get past Footscray in their current form let alone playing at our current level with our current payer list.Sadly we have zero depth

Mt Isa Mustang

Club Legend
Nov 23, 2019
AFL Club
Gold Coast
How is harbrow still getting a game. Not anywhere near afl standard currently.
We were all hoping he would retire last year.
Buderick gone injured, Lemmens gone injured
Mclennan not AFL standard, will get de listed when his contract is up.

They are our 4 small defenders.

I mean, you're right - but at the moment we have to play him.

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