Autopsy Round 6, 2021: Port Adelaide v St.Kilda

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Aug 17, 2015
AFL Club
St Kilda
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PHL Eagles, Liverpool Panathinaikos
Please keep it civil.

Have a lot of questions for Mr. B.Ratten. What's going on Ratts? What is happening with our side defensively? Historically he has coached league worst defensive sides, we were bad at it last year but I gave him a pass, but this year?

Lots of questions. Poor form. How did it turn so badly in such a short amount of time?


The Dude Abides
Jul 26, 2006
AFL Club
St Kilda
If I can jump in here Jb. Dumb stats are awesome.

did you know that today adelaide scored fifteen consecutive goals without a behind which only two other teams in history have done. Only one of those teams went one better and made it sixteen.That team was us.

can anyone tell me who we did it against and what round and year?
Winner gets a subscription to Harvey Norman so they can buy a microwave.

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Saint Shags

Premiership Player
Sep 15, 2006
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St Kilda
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Leeds United
Number of players safe in the knowledge they won't be dropped.
That needs to change.
Needs to be a decent review of our football department. How many assistants do we have that have been there since the Richo days? Need some astute minds helping Ratts. In all areas.

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