Review Round 6 - GWS vs WBD - Manuka 23rd April 7.50PM

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Jan 9, 2012
Baulkham Hills
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St Kilda, Bucks, Who Dats

How to watch on Fox Footy: Channel 504 from 7pm, hosted by Garry Lyon with Nick Riewoldt, Jonathan Brown, Nick Dal Santo and Jon Ralph.

Giants’ burning question: Will the Giants target Bont?

There’s no Matt de Boer this time around, but the spitefulness in these contests means there’ll be no shortage of attention for the Bulldogs’ midfield brigade and more specifically their leader. On paper, the injuries the Giants have sustained make this look like a gross mismatch, but there’s always something different in this matchup that brings out the best in both sides. The issue for the Giants is that combating the Dogs’ midfield is like a game of whack-a-mole; keep one down, two others bob up.

Bulldogs’ burning question: Are the Bulldogs prepared for a spiteful contest?

Yes, they were tested mightily by the Eagles, but that was an engrossing contest from a pure footy standpoint. Against the Giants, there is so much more than just the in-play battle. Even Collingwood in Round 1, after all the build-up about Adam Treloar against his old side, was underwhelming given the lack of spitefulness between both sides. The Dogs and the Giants never fail to deliver in this department and this is likely to be the first genuine ‘grit’ test Luke Beveridge’s men face after an impressive start to the year.

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Mar 21, 2014
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AFL hyping up the physicality which is smart from them as it will probably equate to more viewers.

Last time we roughed them up they outplayed us.... but the time before that we roughed them up and won.

Im all for the physicality.... but if we lose the contested ball like last time and we are busy having a rough and tumble while they stream away on the outside.... we will be made to look the fool

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Land of the Giants

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Sep 6, 2012
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Last time, there was a room in the grandstand where you could watch the players during their pre-match warm-up. Now the curtains are drawn.

Maybe they didn't like the distraction.

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