Autopsy Round 6 - Port Adelaide v GWS Giants, Sunday 12 July 2020, Metricon Stadium @ 1.05 pm

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Feb 26, 2019
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Hopefully against the Lions they come out like the finals last season, we have so many players waiting to come into the line up

Those that are in need to step it up, bring the intensity from the 1st bounce and treat it like a finals we play a different brand when it matters


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Mar 21, 2014
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Disappointing game.
For those criticizing the game plan I wonder if you actually notice the changes that happen mid game?

eg. 1st qtr we played long down the line which was probably a result of their pressure (which was elite each game)and that’s what they wanted.

in the second we moved the ball faster and thorough the middle and probably won that quarter. They were kept in it through some. Crucial ump decisions

in the 3rd we broke the game open with fast movement and really just failed to give ourselves the lead we deserved on the scoreboard

in the 4th we just didn’t match their intensity. But then smaller changes like Cameron up the ground, Toby into the guts and Daniels on a wing all made impact. As did the switch to free up Haynes from marshal in the second half.

if there is criticism to be leveled it is the midfield group. They have been beaten every game this year. We got hammered in the clearances yesterday.The strength that took us to a gf is failing each week! We need TT back in that mix badly. Cogs has butchered the ball this year and no doubt other keys like hopper and ward are struggling for form. it was the difference yesterday I thought

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