Preview Round 6 vs Port Adelaide

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Jun 26, 2012
Mos Eisley
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North Melbourne
Port by 38. Despite axing Ahern, Simpkin and Scott, Larkey and Thomas are still young/wildcards, and MacDonald is Macdonald, at least he has match experience.

FWD: Mason Wood has been a non-factor, if he doesn't light up, it's double teaming Ben Brown FTW. Ziebell needs a bounce back, hopefully running him as CHF will encourage him to get physicality back by adding more fwd/mid pressure.
MID/Backs are as good as they're going to get for us right now (with the exception of LTI's coming back like Jacobs or Daw). Unless Hall, Higgins and Polec get the room they need to move, and Cunners/Anderson win the contests, we will get rickrolled by Rocky, Wines and Westhoff.

This game's key matchups will be:
- Ziebell applying mid pressure at CHF to counteract Ebert & Boak, giving Polec/Hall/Higgins more opportunity to run.
- Wood needs to take pressure off Brown.
- Tarrant needs to win vs Paddy Ryder
- Jmac on Robbie Gray scares the **** out of me.

Looks grim, but let's see if they can dig deep and get it done.
Already kicked 3 goals, not even HT.
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