Autopsy Round 7, 2021 vs Brisbane

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Apr 22, 2008
mt gambier
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Switched off at QT. I've seen this movie before. Just seen the stats though, at 3QT on the live ladder we'd lost 17 points of percentage. So we basically lost twice. Even after that first quarter there was still something to play for but it seems that didn't happen.

Given the number of i50s I assume we just coughed up a heap of intercept marks. Drew and Wines seemed the only contributors in Q1, it is at least good to see the former start to stake a claim for his place.
Ive ben following port since the 60's i never have turned of my TV at all watching their games.
I reckon i have turned it of more times under hinkley than i can remember. This guy is a sorry sight


Bruce Light fan club
Jun 7, 2015
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Port Adelaide
Like klem22 I watch whatever happens but I have to confess I fell asleep at the start of the third quarter and woke up with 3 minutes of the third remaining.

I blame Dermott.

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Sewer de Lance

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Feb 10, 2013
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Port Adelaide
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Maybe it was the same day travel, but the team looked lethargic throughout. Still, good teams find a way to be competitive in a loss.

That was dog sh*t bad last night. The effort, energy, & desire that’s required at elite level just wasn’t was piss weak & unacceptable.

One of the more infuriating things supporters are forced to swallow, is watching Ken continually look like a 90 year old Alzheimer patient when his team is literally getting torn apart before his very eyes in another uncompetitive effort.

A ruthless Coach would have immediately dragged Hammer off the ground after his undisciplined act & read him the riot act. Instead, we get a timid, deer in the headlights like stare into nothingness.


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Aug 16, 2009
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Port Adelaide
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Hey, what the fu**. I could swear we played on Sunday this weekend. Was about to go to bed now and went to AFL's website to confirm kickoff time for what I thought would be our game tomorrow morning, only to find a result - and a pretty sh*t one at that.

fu** this crap.
The team apparently thought we were playing Sunday as well…..they never turned up!!

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Jul 31, 2005
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Port Adelaide
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Like klem22 I watch whatever happens but I have to confess I fell asleep at the start of the third quarter and woke up with 3 minutes of the third remaining.

I blame Dermott.
I was always a "stay to the bitter end" type, and love to share a chuckle at the Crow supporters rushing to the exits at 3/4 time. I couldn't stomach last night though just because of the inevitability of what was to come. The only change to the script is we didn't make it a little more respectable in the last, perhaps that's a good thing.

If you'd told me at the end that we'd had more i50s, and two of our midfield had almost 70 between them, I'd have assumed we'd won respectably, not been thrashed.

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Jul 1, 2014
Adelaide, Australia
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Port Adelaide
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We need to be mindful that we are 5-2 with an equal record to what we were last year when we finished top when comparing the corresponding fixtures from last season. So all is not lost.

That being said, we also need to be astutely aware that what we dished up last night was nothing short of unacceptable. I'm glad the Magpies had such a convincing win today because that should put pressure on a few players for spots in the Showdown.

I didn't think we were flat in terms of running - the Telstra Tracker numbers are consistent with what other teams have produced on the Gabba this season. My concern comes from simply not being willing to play to the conditions. The Gabba is notoriously a quick end to end oval, and it is always dewy and slippery at night time. It is a wet weather game at night even in dry conditions if that makes sense. And yet, we always seem to play there at night as if we are trying to play at Marvel stadium on a perfect dry crisp oval. I also think we came in too tall in the forward line in hindsight. Take a guy like Marshall for instance. He was getting in all the right places, but every single time when the game was on the line in the first half, he fumbled, dropped an easy mark, or turned the ball over. Our big men are no where near as clean with the ball as our small brigade, but even then a guy like Motlop for instance has consistently shown he's not a wet weather specialist, neither is Woodcock, and when you're trying to carry so many players, you're left with a pretty insipid performance like the one we saw last night.

The lack of contested ball along with a lack of tackles is somewhat disturbing. It also is extremely uncharacteristic, so it's not something I'm going to say is a worrying trend (because it isn't). But it's something to keep an eye out for in coming weeks and should be an internal focus so it doesn't become a trend going forward.

The league has never been so volatile in terms of performance variance, so dare I say I won't be surprised if we see another one or two of these types of games from us this season either.


Brownlow Medallist
Sep 3, 2002
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Lol at every and any oppo suporters calling us flat-track bullies. Apparently, the round 4 Richmond match never happened.
Stop trying to hang our hats on the Richmond game. They have so few games outside Victoria they don’t care too much about them during the Hone & away. Like last year if we somehow get Richmond at home during finals they’ll be a different proposition. We are 0 from 2 away against decent opponents. With vaccinations underway we aren’t somehow getting the GF at AO so we actually will have to win at least one (and given our losses more likely 3) games away against quality opposition. We’ve shown so far this year we are not anywhere near being able to do this.

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