Autopsy Round 7, 2021 vs Brisbane

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🔥🔥🔥 Hot Toddy 🔥🔥🔥
Mar 9, 2003
Queen St & Peter Rd
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
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I'm not overly worried. Everyone has a bogey side and ours for the last few years is Brisbane. West Coast kept losing to GC for a while. Hawks to Geel. Bris to Rich. The list goes on. They have us beaten mentally right now which is something we 100% need to fix come finals time.
There’s ‘bogey’, and there’s absolutely smoked three games running, in consecutive years.

Shy of a miracle (or a gigantic tactical revelation), not much is changing.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 24, 2020
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
I love the idea of Charlie Dixon, really want him to succeed, but jesus he lets us down time and time again. Hard not to think he's just highly overrated. Wish we had another KPF option so he wouldn't be an automatic selection.
We do we could rest/drop him and play Ladhams or Hayes, I'm tempted to rest him but I'm not in the pile on because he Charlie delivers what he does I've never been a big fan his biggest asset is his presence.. we are not optionless anymore though.

Ant Bear

Hall of Famer
Dec 7, 2012
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Port Adelaide
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Port Magpies, Swamprats forever,
We can never change the course of these games. Once we are 5 goals down, the game is done.

I knew from the first 3 forward entries how tonight would finish - bomb kicks to a nest of opponents. We never adjusted; never lowered our sights. Just keep bombing it to no-one.

Absolutely pathetic skills across the board - missed 20m kicks by 10 metres; handballs continually went to ground; dropped off tackles like they didn't matter; refused to run with the Brisbane players after they disposed of it; fought each other for loose balls, and failed to show any intensity.

Wines got plenty of it, but was also one of the worst culprits of blind delivery.

Motlop and Rozee kicked it out of f50 more than into.

Marshall and Dixon...absolute statues. Except statues have softer hands.

Houston and Amon were crabs. They have exquisite, long skills, and refused to use them

Jonas was putrid, but what were we thinking matching him against Cameron?

Hartlett can pull on the prison bars next week. Tatts don't make you tough, mate.

Fantasia and Gray had no chance, they need the ball to be brought to ground, or to be used as leading targets.

Injury to Burton, leaving us short in an important game yet again.

Lycett looked exhausted. It's ok to play him as solo ruck, if he gets a spell occasionally. But the last 3 games, he has been worked into the ground, and tonight was the result we deserved.

I give only Drew and Aliir any praise. Drew kept putting his head over the ball, won his share and used it intelligently. Aliir kept getting in the right spots to at least pause the Lion wave.
I pardon Frederick, Bergman and Georgiades; too inexperienced to be expected to lead any fightback.

We missed Boak's leadership desperately. We typically respond to performances like this ferociously, and the Crows are not a very good team, so I'm confident that we will rebound. But the fact that we regularly produce this type of performance erodes any trust that this team yearns for. It is ok to be beaten occasionally, but the manner of these losses is disturbing, especially if we have to play a final in a hostile environment.

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Brownlow Medallist
Jan 5, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
You people are getting too upset.

As long as we beat the Crows next week that's all we should be worried about.
You sound like a crows supporter. To them beating us is all they care about

I don’t give a crap about those minor clubs. Premierships matter. Beating the crows isn’t anymore of a victory than north Melbourne.

all seeing eye

exquirentibus veritatem
Nov 26, 2009
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Big return of the home ground advantage, with most teams performing well at home and struggling away. Back to the norm after last seasons covid changes.
No excuse however as you can expect them to bring effort and roller coaster ride continues.


im gay
Sep 17, 2020
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
I don’t quite understand where we went wrong, just a miserable performance across the board IMO. Our forwards did absolutely nothing all game, I think the quality of the ball coming in was pretty off, Amon, Houston, and Motlop were seriously negated, while it looked easy down the other end despite some monster efforts from Jonas and Aliir Aliir in particular.

We just lacked cohesion everywhere, looked two steps behind the other team and then it was basically over by quarter time. Good fight back in the second but just wasted all our chances while they easily responded when we did manage to goal, as well as piling them on in bursts.

We really missed Boak and Butters tonight IMO, this team is very talented but winning the ball and using it with class is a rare combination in our midfield and Rozee/Houston just aren’t experienced enough to make up that gap. Bringing SPP back instead of giving Rockliff a chance was a mistake IMO, but I i kinda understand that they think only one could play finals for us - short term gain long term pain? - but Rockliff is wonderful around stoppages and basically coaches the other players. He could have made an enormous difference honestly.

Drew took his chance well, but his performance is definitely marred a bit by the result. We are just really lacking that last bit of class we need at times, though thankfully its only May and we have the rest of the season to try to find it.

Wines and Jonas were my two best though, former co-captains co-standing up while we lose miserably.

I’m filthy on a few players, Marshall, Dixon, Fantasia, Motlop, Hartlett, Houston, SPP. All of them just failed to impact the result at all despite having their opportunities.

Also I really loved Manguru Frederick’s game along with Miles Bergman’s. Two young players that look like very, very solid prospects IMO.

Brian McGee

All Australian
Jan 20, 2015
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Will probably get roasted but i dont know why Bergman gives me Ben Jacobs go home vibes. He is a gun having an extended runa t it though. Scrubs some kicks but went at 74% 7 marks 448 metres gained then does it both ways 4 inside 50s and 3 rebound 50s and that beautiful long goal. Feel like his aerial ability and skills are being wasted in a short kicking half back flank role. Would like to see him take Duursmas wing role and kick some more snags or deliver inside 50
Liked for the second part, not the go home bit. He looks like a hard running, long kicking winger to me. I think that’s what he develops in to long term.


Brownlow Medallist
Sep 9, 2008
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
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adelaide 36ers
Insipid performance. Never switched on.

insanely all round bad performance. Half backs were so far from their opponents im not sure they could even tell you who kicked a goal on us without binoculars.

we dominated clearances early but every forward entry was a blind hack forward high kick.

every blind hack kick forward was met by a lions defender cause our key forwards were playing behind / too slow to react / dumb enough to not think it would happen again, and again, and again.

For me I’m most disappointed in our senior players

Dbj, Dixon and Hartlett are three of our most senior players and completely bottled it.
Lycett, motlop, burton Fantasia and Houston are also players I consider senior core members who also were poor. Motlop probably a bit harsh as the workrate was there and it wasn’t a good game for those types but still he’s a senior player and they failed us tonight.

only senior player who gets a good mark was wines.

Bergman showed some excellent signs and was the only halfback that remotely gets anything near a passing grade.

Drew was heavily involved and seemed to enjoy the pressure heaped on him this game. 32d and 5 clrs. Had a lot of poor hacked kicks out of congestion though, but was given no room as lions players just went after whoever had the ball cause there was no danger of anyone taking it away from a contest cleanly so instead of hanging back and stopping the spread from a contest they just folded in on top of us.

Gray tried hard, harder than a lot of seniors but too little result.

Amon lacked the influence we expect now.

Frederick was poor.

clurey did enough I guess. I mean he wasn’t killed but wasn’t great either.

Jonas had a up and down game. Some very good moments and some poor.

Powell-pepper had some great workrate, the only guy who could extract the ball from a contest and get it out himself. Just lots of up and under kicks to no one they gotten eaten up by defenders.

Houston - playing hurt or being a soft****.

woodcock- waste of a spot tonight. Got some of the ball and a goal but when game was over.

rozee - meh

Marshall and Georgiades- poor. Let opponents beat them. Marshall at least tried to get around the field and had some clever moments but far far and away not enough impact on the game when the lions defenders just took mark after mark. Georgiades just a waste tonight. Did nothing.

Mayes - has just about played himself out of the afl permanently in this stint.

motlop - didn’t hate his game but still as a senior player that’s far far too little

Fantasia - waste of a spot in the 22 when we aren’t dominating games. Might as well play with 17 on the field unless were winning.

Ford Fairlane

Feb 21, 2002
Port Adelaide 5015
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Port Adelaide Magpies
Funny thing about Brisbane is after they choked to death in last year's finals after having every possible advantage of the Covid year, nobody will trust them until they do something about it this year. There is a gorilla on their back too.

Anyway it was horribly disappointing. Nothing much more to say.

We have a genuine player in Bergman. Clean overhead, strong over the ball and had a fair hoof on him.

Drew has taken his game to another level. Rocky like in tight and provided some outside options too.

Aliir is still rocking it. Was the one reliable mark we had all night.

Peps' return was a win. Worked hard and was a bull at the gate all night. Could hold his head up.

Ollie was huge, stepped up in Boak's absence.

Frederick was solid again. Probably showed more in the heat of that game than the cakewalk over St Kilda.

Can't wait to get Jones back across half back.


Premiership Player
Jul 26, 2020
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Will probably get roasted but i dont know why Bergman gives me Ben Jacobs go home vibes. He is a gun having an extended runa t it though. Scrubs some kicks but went at 74% 7 marks 448 metres gained then does it both ways 4 inside 50s and 3 rebound 50s and that beautiful long goal. Feel like his aerial ability and skills are being wasted in a short kicking half back flank role. Would like to see him take Duursmas wing role and kick some more snags or deliver inside 50
I'm not seeing what part of your description makes you think of Jacobs. He was always trash.


Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 1, 2014
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Just another game in the Hinkley era which was over half way through the 2nd term, and the only interest from that point was what the final margin would be.

Re Charlie Dixon, unfortunately it is now getting to the stage where I am fast forming the opinion he just may be the most over rated player the club has had since it joined the AFL


Club Legend
Apr 30, 2011
Brisbane, QLD
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
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Utah Jazz
Not sure what the effect of high humidity may have had on our guys and having to fly in on the day of the game effectively limiting their ability to acclimatize. Just checked and we were playing in 91% humidity tonight. Our guys did look slow and like they were struggling physically at times.

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