Game Day Round 7, 2024 : Hawks v Swans, 4pm MCG

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Bring the mouthguards for Q4 I reckon
Yep at least win the last qtr.
He will be looked at, we have gone backwards. Name one thing where we have improved or one thing that suggests his coaching has been better?

Sam will not be sacked in his current contract.

The coach and management made a decision to go young, so they will be patient.

Our forward line is in need of more help. If Dear continues to fire in the VFL there is no reason why he could not play on a HF flank.

We missed Blanck for the whole year and Lewis for most of this year. Our best key players would make a big difference to our structure.

Our young key defenders in Phillips and McCabe went down injured as well.
Man, I expected the forward line to be poor to start the season. It was completely overhauled, after all. But I didn’t expect it to be this awful for this long. I expected by this point they would be a little dangerous but they aren’t. Teams need show them no respect and can load up on their own offensive game as a result.

Yeah, it’s not enjoyable at all. We’ve got nothing to praise up there. Not even moral victories.

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Not open for further replies.

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