Preview Round 7, 2024: Port Adelaide v St.Kilda - Adelaide Oval, Friday 26 April, 7.40pm AEST

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Our rough start to the season doesn't get any easier this week, meeting Port in Adelaide. Expecting a response after our flat effort in round 6, but it's hard to see how we can turn it around enough to match it with Port at home. We are an inconsistent young team but we need to make sure we don't totally drop our bundle while we're waiting for some senior reinforcements to arrive back from suspension or injury.

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King in for Butler is the most obvious inclusion.

Jones likely keeps his spot just based on limited mid field availability but gets the sub role.

Cordy was shit, but then so was everyone else so cant really single him out but I think we are a much better defensive line up with Howard in the team.
Bulk changes.
Members, Poo, Jones, Butts, Sharmy all out.

I wouldn't be dropping Membrey, he was our leading goal scorer last night with 3 goals, I know they were all in junktime but he is one of our only forwards that is a reliable set shot for goal.

I didn't think Sharman was that bad either compared to some of our other players but with King returning and Hayes back fit again he could be on the chopping block along with Caminiti.

Which forwards we pick won't matter much though if we get belted in the midfield again and that is a real possibility with our half strength midfield coming up against their full strength midfield which is up there with the best midfields in the comp.

Probably our only hope of winning the midfield battle is if their midfield guns in Rozee, Butters and JHF get injured or suspended tomorrow.
It's a hard game to come in for, but I really hope we see Collard here with a full game.

In: King, Collard, Howard.
Out: Butler, Jones, Cordy.

Probably Sharman to the sub role.
Logical choices as well
Sharman might be a good choice for Sub, he can play a pretty good utlity role and would fill in most injuries.

Potential for Dow as well if he plays tomorrows scratch match but he might be another week of conditioning away.
It's a hard game to come in for, but I really hope we see Collard here with a full game.

In: King, Collard, Howard.
Out: Butler, Jones, Cordy.

Probably Sharman to the sub role.

With Butler out for 4 to 6 weeks it's a good chance to get some games into Collard.

We need someone to provide some small forward defensive pressure as Higgins doesn't provide much in that department.

He's a clever goalkicker too and we need all the goals we can get right now.

King and Howard coming in next week are no brainers, our best tall forward and our best tall defender.
Good luck Saints - we play our best when the backs are against the wall. But should be an easy kill for the Port midfield.

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It's hard with no sandy game again this week, but you have to swing the axe after a performance like that. Some blokes have had enough chances to start the year. I can't see us winning it, so may as well have a look at some new players.

Out: butler, Sharman, Cordy, Jones, phillpou

In: collard, king, schoenmaker, McLennan, hotton

B: schoenmaker, Wilkie, Stocker
Hb: NAS, battle, Sinclair
C: hill, Owens, Byrnes
Hf: Wilson, king, Garcia
F: Higgins, caminiti, membrey
Foll: Marshall, Steele, windhager
Int: mclenan, Ross, collard, Bonner
Sub: hotton

I know Owens won't play midfield but I can't understand why. I also understand this side is way to inexperienced, but poo needs a spell, he's been doing very little, so let's let the other kids have a go at that. Get a game into Dow next week in the vfl, and get a few more of the cavalry back to play north in a winnable game
Big response needed. A win looks almost impossible but we need to be competitive to restore some faith.

If Dow and Collard are good to go then
Out: Butler Caminiti Cordy Pou
In: Collard King Dow Howard
Jones sub
Out - Butler (Inj)
In - King

Out - Cordy, Pou, Jones, Bonner
In - Howard, Collard, Dow, Schoenmaker

Hope we see some wholesale changes to make it crystal clear. Ross dropped Dal Santo and Milne and he better not have lost that fire
What I would like to see.

In- Howard, King, Schoenmaker, Dow
Out- Butler, Bonner, Jones, Pou

Howard on Dixon and move Cordy forward to rotate in the ruck so Owens and Caminiti don’t have to.

I know it’s a big team but I feel Cordy worked well in the forward line last year. He’ll play his role and sacrifice his game to help the other forwards.

Schoenmaker has played well enough for a few games to replace Bonner. Want to see that left foot weapon of his coming out of the back half.
I'm wondering which Saints turn up. The guys that lay down and lose by 60 points or the brave performers that lose in the last 10 seconds when Port reenact the Ryder to Robbie Grey stab to the heart.
What I would like to see but dont expect too. I might have forgotten someone.

FB: Wilkie Howard Stocker
HB: NWM Battle Bonner
C: Hill Steele Wilson
HF: Phillipou King Membrey
FF: Garcia Hayes Higgins
R: Marshall Windy Owens
I/C: Schoenmaker, Ross, Sinclair, Brynes
Sub: Sharman

Dow probably needs a real game before he is ready. Collard with 'hamstring awareness' sounds risky. Give Schoenmaker a go because we have nothing to lose. At worst, he can bomb it even longer inside 50 for us. Hayes probably isn't ready but I just want to see what it looks like with him playing.

Whoever doesn't perform goes out for Dow and Webster.
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