Preview Round 7, 2024: Port Adelaide v St.Kilda - Adelaide Oval, Friday 26 April, 7.40pm AEST

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Teams are out. That's it, I'm going to training to have this out with RTB.
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Can't say I'm thrilled with those inclusions, we needed to get Howard back but if Cordy is still playing in defence we look too tall.

Hastie will probably be wasted as the sub again.

Hayes and Collard listed as emergencies, I would have liked to have seen at least one of them included to try and change it up.

Max is like Snags. Any game either could kick you 6 goals but both can equally suck all the energy out of the contest with their deflating misses and selfish sulky individual game. They are both like a coin toss as to which one you'll get on any given day.

Yeah it isn't ideal when our two main strikers are so unreliable in front of goal with set shots, Owens is equally as unreliable.

Memnrey is our most reliable set shot forward and even he has his bad days where he sprays them, it's frustrating to watch.
We seem too top heavy. Happy with Howard in but the coaching panel seriously underestimate the importance of pace and forward pressure in the 50. Far too many 3rd tall forwards. I hope Garcia plays forward. No one else will lay a tackle down there.

Watching the anzac game thing, it was pretty obvious how desperate Collingwood were to lock the ball into their forward 50, while we are "oops didn't mark that, its their kick on goal now ".
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