Game Day Round 7 - Adelaide Midgets v GWS Giants

Who wins?

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Miss Vanessa

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Oct 3, 2012
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We could have had lockett, dunstall and g ablett snr up there today and we still would have lost as the ball barely went up there as our midfield got belted. Playing fog today as a forward would have made the howls to drop him worse
I’m not suggesting that he would have made any difference whatsoever, I’m just for getting Fog back in the team without going too tall up forward. One way to do that is drop O’Brien, who has been pretty bad this year, and throw TT in the middle so he’s involved in the game more.
Fog has been far too quiet in most games he’s played, but he’s still a talent we need to nurture. We’re not winning too many more games this year, just go for broke in getting games into young guys.

The Karma Bus

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Nov 11, 2007
The new sound..
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Kochie's 2nd fave team
As bad as last year. Disappointing but people are expecting too much from this team.
Agree. But I worry with what we generally have to work with, there are concerns of where the rebuild will end up.

Not sure the pain will have a reward unless we have quite a bit of pain and add a lot more talent. Even then, the question is will we draft talent. And develop it well.

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