Unofficial Preview Round 7 Dees v Hawks: There's something in the air..

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Sellout Scully

Club Legend
Jun 7, 2012
AFL Club
The streets were empty. The shop doors were shut. The few that ventured out of their homes were wearing large breathing apparatuses, similar to those worn by trench soldiers in World War I or officials who had stepped foot into Junction Oval.

No one dared breathe in the air for fear that they would surely reach their demise. Saying its very name brought panic and fear into those who knew it.

The Red Midst.

Those who caught it would lose focus of everything and only be able to operate at one terrifyingly rapid speed.

Infected Baristas would throw coffee at customers, pilots would try flying planes into outer space, and worst of all - football players would not be able to hit a target.

For years the Dees had been plagued by such a midst, passing it on from one teammate to another. For years the fans and officials have been wanting. Waiting. Wishing for a leader to clear the midst from their eyes and embark the club upon a Deenasty...

...or not

As it turns out, the powers that be at Dee-land had an alternative plan. Rather than begin the hopeless task of removing the red mist from their players eyes, they determined it would be easier to spread it to their rivals, watch them fall, and be there to pick up the Premiership 'Steve-Bradbury' style.

Not content with the Hawks having the crooked knee'd Tom $cully or the wayward kicking James Frawley, the Dees gave Hawthorn the ultimate Trojan Horse during the end of the season last year.

Sam Frost.

The plan was in place. The officials knew it would be only a matter of time until Frost's Red Midst overcame Hawthorn allowing them easy targets for the picking. All they had to do was get it inside 50 and watch the magic unfold.

Dees to win by 5 goals, 4 gifted by Frost.

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