Game Day Round 7: Essendon v The Filth, MCG, Sunday May 2, 3.20pm AEST

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May 24, 2007
In the guts
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The Bombers came into the annual ANZAC Day game as slight underdogs against a Collingwood side that had been decimated with injury, but was still expected to come away with a win.
The game was a tight affair for the first three quarters, before a final term blitz saw the team from Windy Hill come away with a solid 24 point victory.
Darcy Parish had the game of his life, finishing with 42 touches, 2 goals, 619m gained, and 9 clearances, whilst also securing the ANZAC Medal for best on ground.
Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti had one of those games where everything he touched turned to goal, nabbing 5 goals in an almost perfect small forward performance.
Whilst he copped heat during the week (mostly deserved), 2 metre Peter Wright played his best game in an Essendon guernsey, kicking 2 crucial goals and battling wilfully as a secondary ruck against Brodie Grundy.
Speaking of rucks, Andrew Phillips is proving to be the Mark Bolton to Grundy's Adam Goodes, and you'd argue that he has quelled his influence in both meetings the two have had.
I'm not alone in thinking that Jayden Laverde was on his last legs at Essendon, and his move to defence was a desperate straw-clutching decision to see if he could make it. Now, it's fair to say I'm eating humble pie. He was brilliant, and looks to be a natural defender. The size, strength, disposal and aggression is perfect for the game he plays, and he destroyed Mihocek without breaking a sweat.
Nik Cox is the most exciting player that's walked through our doors in decades. He could be absolutely anything, and, even though he hasn't received a Rising Star nomination yet, should be the overwhelming favourite.
Jake Stringer, though not dominant on the scoresheet, set the tone early and was always a threat. Brute force.
Zach Merrett isn't going anywhere.
Mason Redman is back to 2017 levels of output. Just so good off halfback; not as fast as McKenna or Saad, but just does smart, smart things with it.
Even Brayden Ham and Will Snelling, who may not get the plaudits of their peers, were awesome and played their roles perfectly.

def. by

GOALS: McDonald-Tipungwuti 5, Parish, Snelling, Wright 2, Laverde, Phillips, Redman, Smith, Stringer
BEST: Parish, Heppell, McDonald-Tipungwuti, Merrett, Laverde, Wright



The Blues were gallant in defeat to a Lions side that were smashed with a plethora of injuries, but couldn't get the job done.
Harry McKay is proving to be one of the best key forwards in the game, but his effort along wasn't enough to get the four points.
Sam Walsh is stepping up to the plate in the wake of Patrick Cripps' current lull in form, and looks to be Carlton's most important player right now.
Mitch McGovern started well, but quickly disappeared into the doldrums of McKay's 50m arc.
You have to wonder how Eddie Betts keeps getting picked. He's doing nothing, and looks to be completely finished.
You could say the same for Marc Murphy, though at least he popped up with two goals.
For a team that was supposed to be the big improver and headed right for finals, they find themselves beneath us on the ladder, with alarm bells going off. They'll be keen to get the choccies against us, but also, fu** Carlton.

CARLTANK 12.13 85
def. by

GOALS: McKay 6, McGovern, Murphy 2, Curnow, Walsh
BEST: McKay, Walsh, Curnow, Jones



ESSENDON INS: Nick Bryan, James Stewart, Jordan Ridley
ESSENDON OUTS: Andrew Phillips (Injured), Aaron Francis (Ankle), Brandon Zerk-Thatcher, David Zaharakis (Both omitted)

CARLTON INS: Paddy Dow, Matthew Owies, Luke Parks
CARLTON OUTS: Marc Murphy (Neck), Zac Williams (Soreness), Matt Kennedy, Sam Petrevski-Seton (Both omitted)


Essendon Sub: David Zaharakis
Carlton Sub: Sam Petrevski-Seton



Darcy Parish - Essendon


Jacob Weitering - Carlton


Nick Bryan - Essendon
#24, Ruckman
202cm, 88kg

The tagline of Baby Bombers 2.0 grows in stature every week, and this week the Bombers are blooding 19-year-old ruckman, Nick Bryan. The kid affectionately known as "Big Bird" is finally getting his chance after Andrew Phillips will miss with injury after putting in a seriously good shift against Brodie Grundy last week. Bryan is less of a brute strength ruck, and more of a ruck craft ruckman; he's clever with his taps and knows how to place the ball to best benefit the midfield group around him. Unfortunately, Aaron Francis didn't get up for the game this week after an ankle sprain last week but looks as though he will be right to return next week. Exiting the defence with him is Brandon Zerk-Thatcher, who, simply put, hasn't been able to stamp his name onto the team sheet permanently. The good news is that forward-turned-defender James Stewart is back to full fitness after a serious hamstring injury, and will return today, albeit with no VFL time. David Zaharakis has also been omitted, after making almost no impact last week after coming on as the sub. Reigning Crichton Medalist, Jordan Ridley, will be returning after recovering from a concussion.

The Blues have wholesale changes, with their multi-million dollar man Zac Williams out because he's a bit sore. Or something. Replacing him in the site is the hilariously named Matthew Owies, which funnily enough is what Williams told the doctor when he came to him with his soreness complaint. Paddy Dow returns to the side, and Blues fans will be hoping that he finally delivers on all the promise that they've believed in these past few years so that they don't look like dickheads. Marc Murphy has a sore neck from passing the weight of carrying this club to Patrick Cripps, whilst Matt Kennedy and Sam Petrevski-Seton were both shown the door this week. Petrevski-Seton walked into the doorframe on the way out, as he can't hit a target. Also some guy called Parks is in.

fu** Carlton.

the rant.jpg

fu** Carlton.

The old enemy. Straight hatred between two old rivals, and the two equal most successful clubs in the history of our great game.

Both sharing 16 VFL/AFL flags (No Port, you don't count), sharing the spoils in 6 grand finals played against each other, the most recent being the classic 1993 game.

Both clubs have been nowhere near where they'd like to be for the past twenty-odd years, but the burning desire to beat these campaigners is stronger with every single year; and with the off-season movements last year, it got even more intense.

With the off-season move of that snake-headed dog Adam Saad to Carlton, this game between two developing sides has another element to it. The only thing is, we acknowledge that we're a developing side. Carlton seem to think that they're the real deal, but I'm not entirely sure why.

That trade went through without too much hassle, with the Blues sending over their first round pick for the speedy half-back. They were stoked. One of the most consistent, best-performing defenders that doesn't like to defend and doesn't like to hit a target, was theirs. Essendon made a call to St Kilda to try and get Nick Hind back, which they were happy to do because they figured he wouldn't make it as a small forward. Because he's a half back. Hm. With Carlton sending over a first rounder, the AFL giving us another first rounder for Joe Daniher pissing off to Brisbane, and our own dismal efforts last year granting us another first rounder, we had the stacked deck. Nik Cox, Archie Perkins, and Zach Reid later, and here we are.

The most exciting group of kids that we've had since 1993. The Baby Bombers 2.0. Speaking of 1993, Silvagni didn't touch it.

The rivalry goes back to when the game was in its relative infancy. 1947, the Grand Final; Carlton snapped a goal with 40 seconds left on the clock to win the flag for the Blues. Ken Fraser was 7 years old and cried a river of tears. Four years later, and John Coleman was at the peak of his powers. A legend in footy circles, Coleman was arguably the best full forward of time, and full backs tried everything to get under his skin. Carlton defender Harry Caspar harrassed and bothered Coleman constantly in the final home and away game prior to the finals, and an exasperated Coleman socked him right in the chin. He was reported, and the VFL tribunal suspended him for four games, missing the entire finals series. Essendon and the footy world in general was stunned at the suspension, as it was the first time Coleman had retaliated and had been suspended. The Essendon fans threw their support behind a conspiracy, knowing that the panel had to have been Carlton fans.

The Bombers made it through to the Grand Final, but were defeated by Geelong in the big dance by 11 points. To the collective minds of Essendon supporters at the time, Carlton, and that full back Harry Caspar, was the reason that we lost that flag.

There was some respite in 1962 when the Dons beat Carlton in that Grand Final, with John Coleman as coach. Revenge is sweet.

1968, Alan Noonan wasn't awarded a free kick for a blatant push in the back with a few minutes remaining. Carlton win the flag. More disdain.

Between 1970 and 1982, the Dons had no flags whilst Carlton collected five more. By 1982, Carlton had 14 flags compared to Essendon's 12.

And then, Kevin Sheedy entered the fold.

Carlton and Richmond had enjoyed considerable success through the 70s whilst the Dons dwelled in mediocrity. In the early 80s, Sheedy joined the Bombers, and brought his hate of Carlton over to the Dons. The 1981 significance can be highlighted to the finish to the teams' second meeting of that season, which was held at Princes Park. With twenty minutes gone in the fourth quarter, Carlton held a 26 point lead. Essendon switched on for the final 12 minutes, however, and kicked four goals plus a few behinds to win the match by one point. The controversial side of this clash came when Carlton's Mike Fitzpatrick conceded a free kick in defence for the rarely applied infringement of "wasting time". That free kick resulted in a behind, so had no influence on the result, but this match ended up being the second in a string of 10 straight wins that the Bombers had over Carlton.

Fast forward 12 years to 1993. Carlton were almost unbackable favourites in the 93 Grand Final, where they met the Baby Bombers. A young, enthusiastic, skillful group of players with names such as Fletcher, Hird, Mercuri, and Long. The favourites in Carlton were absolutely dominated by the Baby Bombers, who won the flag by 44 points.

Nothing happened in 1999.

The Blues came into this season riding a huge wave of bathwater, and they're in danger of swallowing all of it. This is a team that brought in Williams and Saad in the off-season, and have one of the most in-form forwards in the game in Harry McKay in full flight. The AFL world pushed the thought that Carlton would make it to the finals in 2021, but if we're taking anything out of the first 6 rounds, they're not as close as they thought. They currently sit behind us, a team which is full development mode, on the ladder.

Let's keep these campaigners there.

fu** Carlton.

Last Time.jpg

ROUND 4, 2020

def. by
F*** CARLTON 7.10 52
what a crock of sh*t


ESSENDON GOALS: Stringer, Parish 2, McKernan, Smith, Townsend, McDonald-Tipungwuti
CARLTANK GOALS: Casboult 3, McGovern 2, Betts, Martin

ESSENDON BEST: Ridley, Saad, McKernan, Shiel
CARLTANK BEST: Cuningham, Casboult, Gibbons, Docherty



Shiel, Hurley, Saad, Gleeson, Francis, Zaharakis, McKernan, Bellchambers, Fantasia, Townsend
ESSENDON INS: Laverde, Guelfi, Heppell, Hind, Cox, Bryan, Perkins, Jones, Stewart, Wright

CARLTANK OUTS: Murphy, Setterfield, Simpson, Williamson, Petrevski-Seton, Martin, Philp, Silvagni
CARLTANK INS: McKay, Owies, Fogarty, Parks, Saad, Cottrell, Stocker, Dow

The Tip.jpg

**** Carlton.

Essendon by 13.
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It's me, it's me it's BPB
Jul 29, 2008
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Sick of these pricks playing their grand final against us every year. Let's absolutely roast them for 4 quarters.

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