Injury Round 7 - Injury report: Martin, Lambert, Grimes, Prestia

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Premiership Player
Mar 22, 2009
AFL Club
Round 7 - Richmond’s Physical Performance Manager Peter Burge provides Richmond Media with the latest injury report.

Injury report: Martin, Lambert, Grimes, Prestia

Dustin Martin, concussion, unavailable (short term)
“The incident was a marking contest; Dustin came from the field and was a little bit unsure of what had happened.
“The doctor took him down to the rooms and did the concussion assessment, and obviously a little bit more came to light after that assessment, and he was not quite right. Under the AFL protocols, we had to rule him out of the game, so he now goes through the 12-day concussion protocol, and hopefully, we see him back for the Geelong game.”

Kane Lambert, calf, unavailable (medium term)
“Kane had reported at half-time a little bit of soreness in his soleus, which is part of the calf complex muscle group in the lower leg.
“We taped him up a little bit to continue in the third quarter, but he had an incident in that third quarter where he felt a little bit of a tweak in that area, and we had to sub him out of the game.
“We have had his scans done, and it is a reasonably significant injury. On our scale, it is a medium-term issue, so he is going to be missing a couple of weeks.
“Kane has had some battles over the pre-season with hip surgery. He had a fairly compromised pre-season, but we managed to get him going… but we are possibly paying for it a little bit now. We will do the right thing and make sure we get Kane right and get him back when he is ready."

Dylan Grimes, ankle, probable
“Dylan came from the ground and was reporting a little bit of soreness around his achilles (or) ankle area (so) we were not too sure what we were dealing with. There was (only) five minutes to go in the game, so we took a bit of time with the assessment, obviously.
“Dylan is having scans later today… at this stage, it looks like an ankle impingement injury which is not too serious, but the scans will hopefully shed more light on it. We are hopeful that he will be available this week.”

Hugo Ralphsmith, ankle, questionable
“Hugo rolled his ankle during the (VFL) game… a stock standard ankle roll (and) ligament injury. At this stage, he is questionable for this week. The VFL obviously play Saturday and the AFL Friday night.
“So, it will really be how he presents on Wednesday at our main training session. We are hopeful that he has improved quite a bit by then and that some of the swelling has gone down. He is certainly a chance for this weekend, but we need a couple more days just to assess how that is going to look."

Dion Prestia, calf, unavailable (medium term)
“We were dealing with a hamstring injury which had been going really well, and then in rehab phase, he has had a small injury to his calf muscle as well, which is not great timing for us.
“His hamstring is feeling really good, but last week he had a minor issue with his calf. We have had to put him off legs for a couple of days, and he starts running again tomorrow.
“It is going to delay his return by a couple of weeks (and) we are not sure where that is going to take us to, but we will do the right thing by Dion and the team. When he is ready to go, he will be available for selection.”

Nick Vlastuin, knee, unavailable (short term)
“Nick is going really well. Nick has hit top speed at training with his straight-line running and (has) started some change of direction and agility today, and he started kicking the football today.
“It has all gone really well, and at this stage, the Geelong game next week is looking realistic for him to return, providing the next week goes smoothly.”

Ryan Garthwaite, shoulder, unavailable (medium term)
“'Garthy' has got a little bit of soft tissue damage in his shoulder and has been struggling with some basic things. But the last few days, his strength has come back quite well.
"He is able to run and do a lot of the lower body movements through rehab. He will miss this game against Werribee on the weekend, and then the VFL has a bye. We are anticipating he will be back in the side, hopefully after that."


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