Round Round 7 Matchday Discussion

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Nov 6, 2003
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Welcome to another exciting round of SuperCoach .....Round 7 and upgrades should be starting, but these damn injuries are hindering our plans

Are we burning too many trades....will we have a complete & glorious side ....or will we have a half finished project with too many dead Rookies ?
How's the construction of your side coming along ?

1990 Simcity.jpg

So many Coach's having to replace Dunkley & Neale ....whilst most Dusty owners will bench for a week

But what about the plethora of Rookies ....this is going to sort a few teams out .....Rookie Roulette has already been a differential in ranking .....but now we have to choose the correct Rookies in the upgrade season .....get it wrong, well I don't have to tell you

Baby Macrae, does he hold his spot ? .....does Rantall stay in the side, after being stuck in a horrible FWD role ? ....Thilthorpe, can he repeat last weeks 5 goals & do you go early .....BTW who the **** is this Farrar character ?
Then Collier Dawkins, Poulter, and maybe a few other surprises tonight and tomorrow

OK, I've gone early on Marshall this week ......yeah yeah I know the rules on players coming back from injuries ....stuff the rules

Now back to the 90's ......sounds so long ago now .....but how advanced were those times LOL


Have you got loop this week for your Rookies .....I mean who can pick the rights ones
Some great results and some great players having difficult times .....

Predictions for this week:
1. Macrae will carry on his great form and be the logical (VC)
2. Grundy the logical (C) against a Wittless Gold Coast
3. Jordon and Powell to continue their strong Rookie Seasons when the play each other
4. Thilthorpe to kick 3 goals and be a huge trade in for R8
5. Fyfe, Zerrett, Walsh, and Titch to have big games .....their matchups look favorable

Hope you have a great round, your trades have worked well .....and Highmore ends up playing ......and lets celebrate


1994 ..... Playing time for a quarter amended to 20 minutes plus time-on instead of 25 minutes plus time-on..... Introduction of third interchange player

1996 ..... Protected area around player taking set disposal from free or mark changed from 10-metre semi-circle to five-metre corridor on either side.

Things Every "Cool Kid" Growing Up in the 1990s Owned

A Tamagotchi ...... Tamagotchis were so addictive among kids in the '90s that some schools actually banned them because students would skip class to "feed" their handheld digital pets

An AOL Account .... Long before Instagram and Snapchat, cool '90s kids would communicate with each other online via AOL Instant Messenger, better known as AIM.

A PlayStation Console .... When it made its stateside debut in 1995, the Sony PlayStation changed the way cool kids spent their afternoons. Yes, there had been Nintendos and Ataris before it, but the PlayStation was hypnotic. You could easily spend 48 hours playing Gran Turismo, Tekken, or Resident Evil and never see sunlight

A Beeper ..... Nope, these weren't just for doctors. Before kids had cellphones, they had pagers.

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May 21, 2013
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Arsenal, Fluminense; Blue Jays
My round 7 rooks:

-D6 is Highmore or Kozi (hopefully they both play, I would like a playing E)
-M7 and M8 is Powell and Jordon (hopefully one of Brockman or Macrae play, otherwise I won't have a playing E; Dusty also sitting there)
-F5 and F6 is Rowe and Scott :$ (bench is H.Jones and Waterman lol)

Is it worth E loopholing Scott tomorrow night? I can put H.Jones or Waterman on field if he spuds it up. I can't see both Jones and Waterman playing, but if they do I'll be fine with it, I can't see Scott scoring more than 65 points anyway

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