VFL Round 7 v Western Bulldogs Punt Road Oval Sunday May 12th 2.05pm - LIVE ON 7

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I have a really bloody out there completely left of field idea for the type of forwards we need ...

How about we put six forwards on the park all capable of kicking a bag of goals ... small, tall, medium ... whatever ... we won in 17-20 because we had a game plan that fit our playing list ... ever since we been trying to fit players into a plan.

Forgot the pressure and forward half tackles ... stop chasing the opposition and make them chase us ... it's all bloody backwards ...

Let some blokes off the leash to kick goals ... Tresize, Short, Rioli played their junior footy as forwards ... their eyes light up when they get a sniff ... instead of beating the hungry out of Cumberland so he can chase backman ... maybe we should have found out whether anyone could have stopped him ...

He kicked 19.13 from his first 9 AFL games - 32 scoring shots. Who is the leading goal kicker from 9 games this year?? Too slow ... Bolton has 17.8 from his 9 games.

We have a squad full of backman and midfielders ... (play Bauer forward and Kosi back this week at VFL)

Recruit goal kickers!! Lachlan Hosie, kicked 6 in the SANFL grand final last year and won the Ken Farmer medal would be a great get for our VFL chances this year and an actual natural forward.... McLaughlin at Williamstown knows how to kick a goal he bloody he won the Frosty Miller for VFL goal kicking last year!!!

Maybe use the MSD this way and bring in two experienced blokes who won premierships and their league goal kicking last year or am I just making too much sense ???

Simply put ... let's have a forward line of blokes that are HUNGRY for a sausage roll ... and use our elite defenders to find them all alone

(because they will be because they didn't waste their time chasing some defender)

You’ve certainly pumped up his tyres, I reckon this is your 3rd or 4th post on Hosie. If his name gets called out by us, it’s your doing 😂
Finals are far from a guarantee with our injury list. How many will play VFL this week? even the VFL listed players like Street are getting injured, they could be fielding an absolutely shocking side this week and we only sit 7th at the moment.
agreement yes GIF by South Park

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