MVP Round 7 Votes v Fremantle

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Oct 20, 2017
AFL Club
West Coast
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Chelsea FC
5. TK - that's what we recruited you for!
4. JJ - Loved his game, good pressure, disposals and looked really good up the ground.
3. Brander - thought after he dropped a sitter and costed a goal he'd go into his shell. But went the other way and ran and ran and got rewarded.
2. Redden - hard nosed midfielder game.
1. Darling - hated his 2nd quarter last week, but this week he was awesome. Hitting packs, using his strength and blitzing defenders. Loved when Fyfe had a go at him late and he wanted to go him! Love it when he plays like this, he's hard to stop.

HM: So many, Sheppard start was electric and really set the tone. Gaff, was back to running man and linked up so well. Sheed was huge. Cripps started fumbly but really got into the game. NN was a beast.
No one really had a poor game.

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Club Legend
Sep 13, 2017
AFL Club
West Coast
5. JD, hugely important
4. Redden, best mid in 1st half when we needed it. Stopped Freos midfield having it all their way.
3. Kelly, dominated 2nd half but drops a couple of votes for being a fumbly gumby early on.
2 Gaff. Not one snap around the body, great game.
1. Nelson. Clamped down on Fyfe and pissed him off no end. He is carving a niche as a very good lock down player.
HM Jones and Brander, really happy with both those lads. Brander f’ed up early then made amends with interest. Oscar =🔫. JK Shep Sheed Waterman and Rotham were all impressive.
Great game to watch. Well done on a great bounce back boys.


Apr 10, 2011
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West Coast
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5. Kelly - Fluffed a few things early but overall a rolls royce performance
4. Jones - BOG at HT, he was fanastatic
3. Gaff - Massive first half and lots of great link up play
2. Nelson - Pissed Fyfe off and was solid throughout
1. Darling - Couple brain fades but a dominant performance otherwise

Plenty of HMs

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Club Legend
Aug 16, 2009
AFL Club
West Coast
5 Kelly
4 JJones
3 Nicnat
2 Darling
1 Gaff

HM: Brander, Shep, Sheed, Forward Line

Gotta give more credit to those who were making things happen whilst Freo had the momentum. Jones was awesome around the contest - something we lack big time. Hopefully we can get him around the ball more.


Norm Smith Medallist
Nov 14, 2009
AFL Club
West Coast
5. Darling
4. Redden
3. Nicnat
2. Waterman
1. Allen

Yes Kelly dominated but he butchered the ball. Actually think it was Darling, Redden, Nicnat and Gaff that kept us in it in the first half. 10 Clangers in a game is unacceptable imo even though it was 'statistically' his best game. There was also multiple fumbles along with other things. In most games I would have had him top 3, but the first half was when we needed to stay in the game and after half time I thought Sheed was much more damaging and he didn't make my votes either.

Honourable mentions to Rotham for an outstanding display of defence, Nelson for continuing to develop as a tagger, jones for outstanding play as a small forward, Sheppard for Marshalling the defence, Brander for forcing himself on the game after an epic early blunder and Kennedy for just purely bastardising freo's undermanned defence.

A special honourable mention to Heath Chapman, showed a special kind of toughness in playing out the game for a kid in his first season. With the beatings he took, the double shoulder dislocation, to keep getting up and doing his best to play on was something truly remarkable and no matter the talent, I haven't seen that kind of toughness from such a young and slim framed player in some time. He will definitely require surgery whether it is now or later in the season, he may not play again this year but in one game he showed more toughness then a lot do in an entire career. Along with Mundy, Ryan and Pierce they are players I can genuinely respect even playing for freo.

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