Game Day Round 7: West Coast Eagles vs Fremantle Trados, Sunday 2/5 @ West Coast Stadium

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Jan 14, 2016
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West Coast
West Coast Premiership Winners versus The Freo (W)anchors




Btw – to any Freo fan who has wandered on here to read – it’s just a pisstake ok, take a deep breath.
Before you run back crying to your own board (as I have seen other posters from other teams do regarding our customary pisstake previews) - Chill out, you have much bigger things in life to worry about, like your also-ran footy team.
If you want to get your own back just make fun of our new team song :(

Freo is like a bitter little brother who longs to be noticed by his overachieving older brother and the wider family at large.
He longs to make some headway, some sort of progression forward, because as it currently stands the rivalry he envisages in his brain is not even a rivalry – it’s a one way street, as West Coast look at other powerhouse clubs such as Richmond and Collingwood as their true rivals.
Freo WISHES we were their rival. We don’t loathe them as they loathe us – we pity them, if we are to even think of them at all.
Like a down on their luck busker on the street corner we would flick them some loose change if the AFL rules allowed for it - perhaps a Partington or an Ainsworth.

Four Premierships versus Something Something Ben Cousins

Fremantle’s trophy cabinet of Moral Victrories is absolutely HUGE. The biggest in the competition. Only St Kilda’s can compete.
West Coast’s piddly 4 premierships from 7 Grand Finals appearances doesn’t even come close.
On a recent tour of the Freo-Cockburn waterslide-HQ the potbellied, purple-clad but proud volunteer guide pointed out with glee the many and numerous moral victories they have had across the years.
The tour guide was quick to point out that if this was the EPL then in 2015 Freo technically would have won it. I gave him a fake but assuring nod.
It was shimmering and shining and really a sight to behold. I recommend everyone go take a walk down the Fyfe Furlong to the Bell-end of the Pavlich Pavillion to see it in all its glory.

Fremantle are travelling farely well for a team that if we handballed them a Brendan Ah-Chee he would already be their 3rd best player.
They are 4 points up on us after claiming such HUGE scalps as Norf, Hawthorn and GWS.
Luckily for us Freo may be complacent as being ahead of West Coast at any point in a season already counts as a giant tick. The board, coach and members already feel like it’s Christmas.
Hopefully the start of game complacency gets us our customary quick 3 goals in the first few minutes where the commentators then jump the gun and call us the undisputed Premiership favourites and state that Kennedy has ‘turned the clock back’.

Freo fans are absolutely furious that we’ve got some good excuses ahem sorry, injuries lined up. That’s meant to be their domain.
How else are they meant to win their beloved Excuses Cup aka the Martyrs Cauldron. On a subconscious level, they’re not even in it to win it – they’re in it for the excuses.
Fremantle supporters love to grab a hold of a good excuse faster than they can grab an off-duty policewomans throat.
Naturally they are besides themselves that we have had a much harder draw so far and have far better personell injured.
Now when it comes to each team’s respective injuries - of course in their deluded minds their absolute non-contender no-names are of equal value to our absolute superstar outs.
But if you want to educate yourself nonetheless wikipedia may have some info on who they actually are and what they may actually have done, if you were so inclined.


Our forward vs their backs:
West Coast’s forward lineup versus a bunch of names that are constantly claimed would’ve made the AA squad if wasn’t for *insert injury here* ayyyyyyyyy
I’m going to go out on a limb here and say we win this one. Freo posters to claim afterwards they’d still take Tabs over JK, JD or Allen any day of the week.

Ruck battle:
Battle of the fattest Rucks who still do alright.
NicNat went from the best he’s ever been in rounds 1 -4 to “what the hell happened” in rounds 5 – 6.
Some are assuming a lower back injury and it seems right on the money.
We’ll see how he pull up this week but Darcy and Meek are big boys – their bulk could be the right kryptonite to the sheer behemoth that is NicNat.

Midfield battle:
Their midfield should be out to prove their credentials and with Yeo and Shuey missing and our current form should absolutely pants us.
Naturally freo being freo they wll win the midfield battle nominally and still lose.
Some line will be trotted out about their first premiership is guaranteed once their midfield “find more cohesion” or something like that.

Their forwards vs our backs:
They will kick 6.23 to our 14.3 and they will add another brilliant shiny trophy to their already full moral victory cabinet.

The colour Royal Blue vs Purple:
We win this one every time.

Big Birds, Kings of the Big Game vs A Docker or an anchor or some type of wharfie or something:
Some eastern states marketing ‘guru’ who took walk around 90s Freo for inspiration and saw the derelictedness and wrote an idea on handkerchief 5 mins before the meeting is actually ashamed that his entry won. Selfish prick had no care for the Freo, Cockburn, Kwinana, Rockingham and Armadale citizens who would for generations have to pretend to be proud of their club.
It sometimes keeps him up at night, but not too often he wasn’t paid enough.

Team Songs:
Freo should thank us – we just pipped last place from them and boosted them to 17th in the team song hierarchy.

West Coast have the ability to snap on a quick 7 goals in the 3rd faster than Michael Gardiner can deliver seven jabs to an advancing Michael Pavlich chin.
Add those 7 goals to the 3 in the first 2 minutes and our other junktime against the flow goals over the remainder of the game and Freo will have dominated for most of the game despite losing the end scorecount – everyone will be happy as they will have another trophy for their moral victory silverware collection, this one being The Pavlich Plate, and we will have the 4 points.

Pavlich grinning as he is awarded his moral victory Pavlich Plate.

For Freo fans:
Freo fans can salivate over what colour ponytail ribbon Fyfe will come out wearing.
A Walters whinge fest that will put a claimed Darling whinge fest to shame.

For West Coast fans:
Freo’s glimmer of hope. It wouldn’t be a derby without that glimmer. That sliver. That glimpse.
West Coast fans should be looking forward to crushing it. Extinguishing it. Not for good though, it will be back next derby.
If you crush it permanently how are you meant to crush it again? That would just ruin the fun.

West Coast posters are well familiar with many of the Freo posters as they frequent West Coast gameday threads more than they do than their own, along with their good mate perennial outraged, struggler Plugger69.
Personally I’m looking forward to seeing a good old Plugger “harumph grumph” and the agreement forged between himself and his purple wearing allies.

Freo seem to have no idea that Serong, Darcy, Cerra, Meek are about to join BHill, Langdon, Neale and Weller and have already pencilled in deals with other clubs.
Of course the team they could have HAD on paper will equal another moral victory trophy for next season.
Meanwhile amongst all their daniel chick, daniel kerr and mainwaring jokes they’ll search for the most drug-effed player on offer they can get thinking they’ve found the key to the kingdom and set themeselves back another few seasons.
Collingwood will offer up a de-Goey and they’ll jump on it with more ferocity than a Jeff Farmer DV charge.
They will never question why DeGoey has been offered exclusively to Freo. He’ll be heralded across BF as the answer to their decades long forward woes. We all know how it will turn out.
West Coast's Future? Moar Premierships. Guaranteed.

West Coast by 3 straight Gaff chops to the chin aka 3 goals

Freo decide to celebrate and sing the club song after 'only' losing by 3 goals. And 'making a statement' or something like that.
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Feb 9, 2012
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West Coast
Plenty of money for Freo. They were $2.96 last night, come in to $2.19 currently. Should’ve had a go at $3, those were some juicy odds. Feel like this might be the time for Freo to beat us, but in the end, it won’t mean anything. We’ll make finals and probably lose an away semi like we’ve done 600 times before, and they’ll finish around 10th and view the season as a success as they climbed out of the bottom 6, even with one of the easiest draws known to man.


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Apr 6, 2008
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I think this has the makings of Demolition 2. As others have said, Freo have their best chance in years to beat us, even though they have a few injury concerns themselves. I’m expecting plenty of aggression from both teams with a few flare ups thrown in. I suspect one or two Freo players would think there hasn’t been any retribution for Gaffy’s brain fade.
Plenty on the line, including the season.
Bring it on, I say, but from my keyboard.
Whatever happens I expect us to win the fights and the game. Eagles by 23.

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Oct 11, 2006
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Plenty of money for Freo. They were $2.96 last night, come in to $2.19 currently. Should’ve had a go at $3, those were some juicy odds. Feel like this might be the time for Freo to beat us, but in the end, it won’t mean anything. We’ll make finals and probably lose an away semi like we’ve done 600 times before, and they’ll finish around 10th and view the season as a success as they climbed out of the bottom 6, even with one of the easiest draws known to man.
Load everything you have on Eagles at the line.
Like your whole season's worth of winnings.

Season on the line.


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Jun 26, 2011
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75% capacity. Just enough to fit in most of the members, without needing to make any room for the away end. Cheers Mark.
It's enough to fit nearly every Eagles fan that went to our last home game plus every Dockers fan that went to their last home game.
Doesn't get fairer than that.


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Sep 28, 2005
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I wasn’t sure if you meant in 2021 or ever. I’ve never been other than a BBL game. Would be sick to watch us flat track a side there
Yeah ever!

Watching our women get flat tracked in 2020 was the one and only Optus Stadium experience I’ve had.
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